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  1. godzilla

    Extending a Fj40

    Bama, Thats what I had in mind, but a bit longer. I want to be able to haul 4 people and 2 dogs. Great link. Wish he had some pics of the hardtop fab though. I have the frame blasted and a scout ps box installed and a good donor tub. Already have done the shackle resv, and soa, flipped the...
  2. godzilla

    Extending a Fj40

    I'm going to start my next project this fall, its a 73 fj40. I want to extend the wheelbase to make sort of a rubicon like fj, probally 12-18" of added length. Has anybody done this, if so post a link or some pics. Thanks in advance!
  3. godzilla

    '69 Carb Suggestions

    I don't know if weber is still on strike or not, but I tried awhile back to get ahold of one of there carbs with no luck. I found a couple but the were sky high priced due to the strike in the plant in Spain. I've heard good things about holleys new truck avenger. They now make one for 4-6...
  4. godzilla

    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    I'll have to look but I think I have one out in the shop, in good shape. Drop me a pm if you still need one.
  5. godzilla

    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    There was somebody on here that had a set for sale a while back, think he was in nj, don't know if he still has them. Sorry for the foggy memory.
  6. godzilla

    Led-Turn Signals Don't Flash

    I installed led's in the rear of my 74 fj40 and now the turn signals won't flash, I even tried a electronic flasher, same deal. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. godzilla

    77 fj40 Hardtop and doors

    David, Did you get the christmas card the wife sent you? Fishman is located right off rt 115 in effort,pa. Thats close to broadheadsville, a stonethrow away from you. I should have the sammy done to do a winter paragon trip soon. Drop me a email. Pete
  8. godzilla

    for sale: 89 FJ62 with blown engine

    I'll try to get you guys a pic today.
  9. godzilla

    for sale: 89 FJ62 with blown engine

    Thanks for the reply. I bought a 48 last week for $800. This post can be removed.
  10. godzilla

    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Sent you a pm.
  11. godzilla

    for sale: 89 FJ62 with blown engine

    Still looking for one.
  12. godzilla

    for sale: 89 FJ62 with blown engine

    Thanks for the info chef. I already looked there. I'm going to look at two tomorrow. The one is a 1955 complete and running, currently inspected, for $1,500. The other one is a 1948, complete minus the bed for $750.
  13. godzilla

    for sale: 89 FJ62 with blown engine

    Wanted 41-68 Dodge Powerwagon I'm looking for a 41-68 1 ton dodge power wagon 4x4 pickup for a project. I'm located in central pa. Any condition. Send me a email or a pm if you can help me out. Thanks
  14. godzilla

    Fj40 Title

    The plate and title are for a 73 fj40. Title is notarized and ready to go.
  15. godzilla

    Fj40 Title

    Anyboby need a fj40 title and vin plate? The other guy backed out. Send me a pm.
  16. godzilla

    What are the repair options for stripped threads on the xfer case fill plug threads??

    A tap and die set should cure your problem. You'll have to go with a larger diameter bolt, and whatever size bolt you get, drill out the old threads, tap some new ones, and your in business. Just make sure that none of those metal fileings get in your t case.
  17. godzilla

    Smokin' F

    Yeah, I think it would be a good idea to invest in a new set of piston rings and valve seals. Just my 2 cents.
  18. godzilla

    Spare Tire Carrier Fj40

    I'm in the process of making a rear bumper and swing out spare tire carrier. The part that has me stuck is the hinge point of the spare tire carrier. What do I need as far as tubing and bearings to make it work? Oh its going on a fj40. And what latch assembly can I use? The bumper is 2"x4" box...
  19. godzilla

    Led tailight wiring?

    I have a 74 fj40 that I'm putting a custom bumper on the rear with led tail lights, four led assemblies in total. My question is how to wire them. I know I'll have to use a electronic flasher unit, but how do I make the outside two units blink for turn signals, but not the two inside units? I...
  20. godzilla

    Cs130 Alternator

    Sure enough 14.4 volts!
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