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    Diffrerences in Air Cleaners 77 vs 79/80

    I have an 77 FJ40 with a newly installed trollhole carb. I'm looking for an OEM air cleaner, and I found one that is/was for a 79-80 model. Will it work on my 77? If so, are there adapters or spacers that I might need (like the spacer on City Racer web site?). Spacer for '75 to '80 FJ40 2F...
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    Wanted  WANTED: AIR CLEANER FOR 77 FJ40 with Trollhole

    Time for me to bite the bullet and get a real air cleaner. Anybody got one for my 77 with a Trollhole Carb?
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    Trollhole Carb instructions

    I bought a new in box trollhole carb from another MUD member for a bargain, but it didn't include any kind of paperwork or instructions. And I've looked for an obvious place in the Trollhole vendor forum for a direct link to instructions. I am putting it on a '77 40. I saw a few threads that...
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    Aftermarket Air Cleaner on City Racer FJ40 carb

    I'm considering the City Racer carb to for my FJ40. Has anyone uses an aftermarket air cleaner on that carb? If so, what kind?
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    Need a new carb - Who should I buy it from? And which one should i choose?

    I've had my 77 '40 for about 5 years, and i've concluded that I need to replace my carb. The carb that is on it is a weird Weber/Solex 34 DGEC that I think was sold by Quadratec back around 2005-2010. It has developed a pretty dramatic leak at the accelerator pump. I think I found the...
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    Wanted  WANTED-Window Regulator for 77 FJ40 - Drivers side

    Looking for a good condition OEM window regulator for a drivers' side door. Whatcha got?
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    '77 FJ40 Door glass felt seal failing and in-effective?

    I guess my main question is: is there an option for a tigher-fitting, Rubber, outer door window seal that will fit an 1977 FJ40? The felt type seems to allow a lot of water into the door. Maybe i have a wrong impression of the function of the felt-type door window seal/weatherstrip. In...
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    FREE  Free parts - from 77 FJ40 - Greenville, NC - No Shipping, Pickup Only

    I have a few parts that i want to get rid of (with as little effort as possible on my part). I don't feel like selling them, so i want to just give them to someone who actually needs them. I just want to get rid of them as soon as possible. The parts are located near Greenville NC...
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    Free parts - from 77 FJ40 - Greenville, NC

    I have a few parts that i want to get rid of (with as little effort as possible on my part). I don't feel like selling them, so i want to just give them to someone who actually needs them. I just want to get rid of them as soon as possible. -drivers side and passenger side seat belts that...
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    Question for anyone with an FJ40 with factory -installed AC

    For anyone who has an FJ40 with a factory installed AC system (doesn't matter which model year)... i am wondering if/what things Toyota did to litigate engine/transmission/exhaust heat within the cabin. is there additional insulation on the firewall, under the floor, etc? What about...
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    Refinishing FJ40 front seat - latch removal

    Does anyone know if this latch can be removed from the front seat bracket? I want to paint my seat frames, and i need to separate the latch from the bracket for painting.
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    Cruiser Corps Current Coupon Code?

    Greetings, -I am ready to pull the trigger on some seat covers for my FJ. The total order is +500. Do you guys have any coupon codes or special discounts for MUD members? Also, -Can you guys share the source or manufacturer for the material that you use for your Coral seat covers? I need...
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    Seat belt restoration

    I need to have my seat belts restored. Webbing and tensioner. i see that Land Cruiser Heaven has that service. Does anyone have experience with their service? Does anyone know of a comparable service from a different company? I'm interested in hearing about good and bad experiences... Cheers
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    Wanted  FOUND. NO LONGER NEEDED: Need Fuel Door and Well for 77 FJ40

    Anyone have these for sale? i know that CCOT has them new, but looking for alternatives. Any color, new or used.
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    Check Everything!

    I've been running into 1 major and 1 annoyance issue with my FJ40 since it's been drivable. - fuel starvation (fuel not getting to the carb) -whistling sound coming from the under carriage (while sitting still as well as driving) Here's what i've done: -added fuel pressure gauge -replaced...
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    Cruiser Corp fuel pump for FJ40 '77

    Has anyone tried this fuel pump? I need a spare and i was wondering if anyone could speak to the quality or longevity of this one...
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    Wanted  Wanted: 78 FJ40 Manifold Exhaust Downpipe

    Anybody have an exhaust downpipe for a '78 FJ40? Going from a header to back to stock manifold, and need the downpipe. i know i can get the flange and have my muffler place fabricate one, but that plan won't work for me right now. thanks
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    Wanted  1978 FJ40 Exhaust Manifold

    Newly purchased FJ40 that runs poorly. White smoke from the exhaust, and a pretty substantial leak of exhaust from the aftermarket header. I've replaced the manifold, but the leak is still there, although diminished. the difference in flange thickness on the header and the thickness of the...
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    For Sale  Mastercraft Tires - 31 10.5 15 - Eastern North Carolina

    These tires are on Craigslist in the Eastern North Carolina auto weeks and tires section. Mastercraft Courser AT. There is also a spare that is a Goodyear wrangler (greater wear, maybe 20% remaining). They have about 60% tread remaining. I don't know how old they are, but i've had the...
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    FREE  Free 1978 FJ40 Rain Gutter Parts

    Free for pickup (will not ship) FJ40 Rain gutter parts. Rusty but salvageable. It may be possible to put together a full rain gutter with these parts. Located near Greenville, North Carolina Rain Gutter 1 by kmanche posted Jun 23, 2018 at 2:13 PM Rain Gutter 2 by kmanche posted Jun 23, 2018...
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