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  1. cardinal fang

    Asbestos ???

    Does the fillers on the underside of the 55's hood have any asbestos in it???
  2. cardinal fang

    Look what showed up at the swap meet

    This showed up at the Petaluma Swap meet last weekend. The owner got it in 1982. Only recently was it restored. Said he used to haul family and friends. Sweet!!
  3. cardinal fang


    Tossing this out for the pig owners in Northern CA. Do you remember a long time ago in a land far far away.......Davis, California? We had the first "Swine-O'rama"? Anyone interested in doing another one. Just get together at a city park in Davis for Saturday lunch? September some time?
  4. cardinal fang

    Pig spotting

    I was in Burbank, California yesterday. Trying to get home from our Baya cruise, saw a pure stock, beautiful green pig on Sepulveda(sic) Blvd. Drove right in front of us. Anyone claim it?
  5. cardinal fang

    TBI question

    My 55 has a 1992 Chevy 350 TBI engine. After switching the fuel pump to a stronger motel, I have had no problems with it all. But a few weeks ago, the battery ran down real low. Now the engine light comes on every time I drive it. But, it does not register a code. When I start it and drive, it...
  6. cardinal fang

    Rock slider install

    I have had these rock sliders hanging around for a few years now. Finally want to get them installed. Will make it a lot easier to get in and out of the beast. I am looking for ideas on attaching them to the pig's frame. I can weld them directly on the frame with three pipe sections that came...
  7. cardinal fang

    Went to Harbor Freight today

    Went to Harbor Freight today to get a dolly to set my Vortec engine on while installing the 465 and clutch. (off the engine hoist) As usual, I spent some time looking at things. These reflectors caught my eye. I bought a set and brought them home to compare with the real ones I have on a shelf...
  8. cardinal fang

    After market heater???

    Anyone try using one of these for the heater in a 55?
  9. cardinal fang

    tuffy box?

    I'm baaaaaackk! My 40 is parked and waiting a Vortec installation. Which will start very soon. In the mean time, I am getting ready to replace my 40 w/ my 55. The 55 has been idle for the past two years. When the headliner exploded ( fell apart) I was so depressed about it, I parked the 55...
  10. cardinal fang

    2F drive train for sale.

    For sale - Strong 2F motor, clutch assembly, SM420 plate adapter and the SM420 that goes with it. The 2F has a Pertronix setup on it which I haven't touched in ten years! Carb was rebuilt many years ago by Chenowth. Also has York onboard air that still works great. I'll throw in the exhaust...
  11. cardinal fang

    Windsheild wipers

    I am full of questions today;p Has anyone found a modern type wiper blade that will fit a 55? The entire unit? Trying to find the rubber blade itsef is getting hard around here.
  12. cardinal fang

    Muritic Acid ??

    I have had seen any post about using muritic acid on parts on MUD or Pirate. So, I though I would break up the subject. I learned this from Mark Whatley some time ago. I regularly use Muritic Acid (Swimming pool acide) to clean and remove rust from a lot of small parts and pieices. It is...
  13. cardinal fang

    55 hood latch

    Ok, I have a simple question....... Over the past couple of days, I took my hood off and rebuilt the cross members, fixed rusty spots, painted the underside a new 'pretty' hammered look, and reinstalled it. Uuu, when I tried putting the safety latch back on the hood, I can't seem to figure out...
  14. cardinal fang

    ProCar seats and tuffy console

    I am looking at putting Procar seats in my 40. Per online dimensions, the Procar seats are 22" wide accross the seat. I already have a tuffy console installed in my 40 that easily fits a stereo. If you installed the Procard seats in your 40, what size conole do you have between them? I haven't...
  15. cardinal fang

    Death wobble problem returns

    I posted this thread today on Pirate. Yes this is a double post, but I hope some one can tell me if the measurements I show look correct. Pirate Post Death Wobble Strikes again :-(( - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board
  16. cardinal fang

    Making a Shroud, need ideas

    I am dumping the taurus fan on my 350 chevy fj55. Blew a fuse a few months back and it got really hot! I am going with the 19" clutch fan that came with the 350. I have a large sheet of aluminum that I plan to make into the shroud. Just looking for ideas on how to go about it. Cardboard design...
  17. cardinal fang

    3 spd Transfer Case Bearings??

    Rebuilding my 73 three speed transfer case. I got a rebuild kit from SOR. I wonder why a rebuid kit does not come with gaskets and shims? But that is not my question. The kit is labeled for a 73, just like I have. I dismantled the transfer case down to just shafts. I open the kit up and notice...
  18. cardinal fang

    Another Kalieforna swine-O-Rama?

    Anyone interested in getting together again in Davis this spring? Lots going on with Holister, Stockton and Rubithon, but I was thinking sometime in May. Get together and swap lies and hang out for lunch?
  19. cardinal fang

    Wanted  Need plate adapter for SM465/3spd case

    Put this on the wanted section, but no response. Anyone have one?
  20. cardinal fang

    Wanted  sm465 plate adapter

    Need a sm465 plate adapter for 3sd TC.
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