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    Fj40 roof dimensions?

    Hi, I still am trying to find out if anyone has accurate dimensions for a 1974 fj40 roof. I think the previous owner may have trimmed the lip where it is rivetted to the steel gutter. I am planning on fixing the edge and filling all old holes so need to know how much to add on. Cant test fit...
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    Fibreglass roof technical help needed.

    I am in the process of repairing my fibreglass roof cap for my 1974 fj40. The old gutter was home made by the previous owner so I have purchased new steel from I think the lip on my roof may have been trimmed down and i need help with some dimensions. Does anyone have...
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    Drag link identification help needed

    I have a late 75 Fj40 with a 2f . A some point it has been fitted with Power Steering, the Koyo box has a Pitman arm connect to this drag link. I wanted to either refurb or replace it but it doesn't look like any I can see on the parts stores. Any ideas what it's from. The rod connected to it...
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