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    switching lifts-need real time help?

    body lift or suspension lift? swapping it for function or appearance?
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    Badlands, Attica IN, Sept 18-19...

    sure... you don't call, you don't write... no wonder I didn't go;-) Well... that and... I haven't looked at the board lately... and still waiting on parts lost to a failed pinion bearing @ the midwest invite @ Dresser:( It's a sad year when I'm gettin' out more than you. jm
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    Badlands (Attica, IN) July 16-18, 2004

    Short notice of a long w/e @ the Badlands... 2 rigs Friday... 3-4 rigs Sat/Sun. Maybe some of ya want to show up as well... and play in the July heat;-) Tentatively planning to camp at Summers, if they aren't booked up, arriving late Thursday. jm
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    Back spacing again

    when I bought my 40 it had 4" bs... wasn't a problem until I put the scount steering in... then the arm hit the tire not the wheel... so this may vary a bit truk to truk.
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    most that I've seen have a set screw in the pull you must loosen... then unscrew the knob. The bezel (sp?) then typically unscrew and then you pull the switch out. But then it does depend what you're driving, but this may get you started. jm
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    battery keep going dead- bad alt connection

    I removed the ends and used other connectors to reinstall the fusible link... didn't cause any problems. jm
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    Back spacing again

    There is nothing wrong w/ backspacing of less than 3.5"... that's just the stock number. There are people running 2-2.5" and that's where my next set will be. Yes, shorter back space will likely add more stress to the lugs via the lever principle, but not enough that it matters to me. Also w/...
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    brakes will not work

    When you re-bled the brakes was there any sign of air actually being in the system? If not this may not be an air issue. If there is air in the system... did one of the reservoirs on the master get too empty and allow air in? Are the shoes all properly adjusted? Those may be the easiest...
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    electrical problems, again

    They should be able to test the alt. in the rig... I've got a battery charger that will do it and they should have better stuff than I do. Make sure you have a good power connection into the alt. since it needs one to energize the magnets that provide you power. No power in to the alt. means...
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    Short Side Inner Axle Reinstall

    Just had the same problem w/ the long side the other day. turned out the solution was more power! When trying to easy it in it just wouldn't go, but when I got it starting in the 3rd and then really shoved it in (yes, flat spots on the birf were in the right places) fast and with some force it...
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    fj40 32/36 weber

    Poser has hit on something! The 32/36 is TOO small for the cruiser. 38/38 should make a world of difference... however there are people running the 32/36 without problems. Are you running a fuel pressure regulator? If not you weber may not be happy... I think 3.5psi is the max recommended...
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    Good place to get gears.

    WCD (west coast diffs.) was decent to deal with even though they sent me the wrong install kits... right boxes wrong parts, but they did correct it. Went w/ 4.88s and had to grind a little off a couple teeth to get the pin back in the carrier. Couple of other guys I wheel w/ did it the same...
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    Is it the Starter?

    Could be a bad connection, so you might check those first... including your ground connections. If it's not resolved via connections sounds like a starter issue... or at least the solenoid starting to go. jm
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    which give more power- weber32/36 or aisin

    I've always heard the 32/36 was too small for the 2F and that to go weber you really need the 38/38... so I'm not surprised the performance doesn't seem to be there. jm
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    battery keep going dead- bad alt connection

    Not to be a smart ass but... you could replace the connector w/ one that stays together... jm
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    Attica, IN -- Oct.30-Nov1 or 2, '03

    cool sg! hope to see ya there!
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    Anyone in Milwaukee, WI for a cruiser check?

    Daily driver last seen traveling like this:
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    Advance Auto... liftime warranty... <$70 w/ tax. Could always upgrade to a gear reduction starter, but they're about another 50+. jm
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    Anyone in Milwaukee, WI for a cruiser check?

    hey I resemble that;-) and rust shows character! Hope you weren't the last one that ran into me... darn hit & run bums are truly abusing the poor dog... I mean dodge! Cruiser is too scary for regular road travel unless it's looking off the deck of the trailer at the road. Just look for this...
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    Need a auto shipper I can depend on

    You can also try I.C.S. Auto Transport Division Call at 1-800-488-6211 or email at No first hand experience with them but I've heard they have some reasonable prices... and are fairly timely and responsive. jm
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