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  1. Corvallis

    B motor drive belt

    Hi, I am having a hard time sourcing a B motor drive belt for my 78 JB40. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Corvallis

    78 BJ40 Brake Light Switch Part No.?

    I have a bad brake light switch for my 78 BJ40 (24V). Does anyone have a part no. and know where I can get a new switch?
  3. Corvallis

    For Sale  Dunlop Snow Cruiser 78

    Dunlop Snow Cruiser 78. This was my original spare tire on my BJ40 Landcruiser $50 obo. Located in Corvallis, OR
  4. Corvallis

    For Sale  Toyo M/Ts 33 x 10.5 x 15 - Oregon

    New Toyo M/Ts. These tires have less than 5 miles on them (test drive). I decided to go with a different size. I have a set of 4 in Corvallis, Oregon. I paid 265 each for them. $880 obo.
  5. Corvallis

    B exhaust

    Just had a pipe failure at the muffler. Looking to get a new exhaust system for my 78 BJ40 (B engine). Any thing special about sourcing the replacement or can I just have my local muffler shop provide new pipe and muffler? I assume there will be no performance issues since it is not turb'd...
  6. Corvallis

    78 BJ40 won't run

    Hi folks, This is my first post. I have been searching through the pages for several years but find myself in need of some help. I have a 78BJ40 (24V) with B engine that I bought from Canada several years ago. Body and frame have quite a lot of cancer but it has always started and ran...
  7. Corvallis

    78 BJ40 Coolant Overflow photos

    My 78' BJ40 does not have an overflow tank. I'm trying to buy one, but I need to see some photos to see what type is required and how it is mounted. Can you all post some photos? Thanks.
  8. Corvallis

    tie rod end replacement

    who makes the best after market tie rod ends?
  9. Corvallis

    wiper motor/arm clip

    I have a 78' BJ 40 I broke this plastic clip while installing my new wiper motor. Does anyone have a replacement or know of how to fix this so the bearing on the motor arms stays connected to the wiper arm?
  10. Corvallis

    help removing dash

    help removing dash pad I have 78' BJ 40. I have removed all the screws I can see. How does the dash come off?
  11. Corvallis

    Wanted  WTB - Warn Remote and Roller Fairlead

    I have a 24V 8274. I need a used remote for it. Needs to be the older 4-pin (trailer) style. I am also looking for a used roller fairlead for it. Please send pics to
  12. Corvallis

    78' BJ 40 wiper motor

    Where is the best place to find a wiper motor for my 78' BJ40? Needs to be 24V. Are there used ones out there?
  13. Corvallis

    steering help?

    My 78' JB 40 wanders like a mad dog. Any advice on where to start and what adjustments to make to tighten it up? Kind of like driving a rig with a mind of it's own.
  14. Corvallis

    78 BJ 40 Steering

    My 78 BJ40 wanders like a mad dog. I'm new to the cruisers. Any advice on where to start?
  15. Corvallis

    Filling Transmission and Transfer

    Ok...I got the drain the tranny and transfer down. How in the hell am I supposed to fluid back in them? Seems like I will need an oil pump because I sure can't pour it in with a funnel? Any insight? Special tools? Thanks
  16. Corvallis

    78 BJ 40 Fan Belt Part No.

    My fan belt is on it's last legs. Can someone tell me where I can get a new one here in the states? Can anyone give me the part no.? I don't have AC.
  17. Corvallis

    starting procedures for 78' BJ 40

    It occurs to me as I turn the crank on my 78 BJ40 that I really don't know the proper starting procedures for my rig. Can anyone help me out? I finally get it started but it sure takes a while. Do I need to hit the "glow on" button every try for starting? I assume I should not be...
  18. Corvallis

    78 BJ 40 Headlight Diagram

    Help?? I don't see how my right headlight would work. I can't understand the path to ground. Why are the right and left headlight not wired the same? If you can help, please email me. Thanks, Emilio
  19. Corvallis

    78' BJ 40 Wiring Diagram - Help

    Help, I'm trying to get my hands on a wiring diagram for my 78' BJ40. Also looking for a factory repair manual. Any advise? A good start would be to know the bulb part numbers for the headlight, turn signals, running lights,....etc. Thanks If you can help, please email me @...
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