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    craigslist  1962 FJ40 Nice Restoration. Georgia

    No affiliation, just saw this while cruising thru the local c-list, so I thought I'd share it. Mods please delete this if it is a duplicate..Thanks. 1962 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser restored
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    eBay  Cool truck. No association .

    Does anyone know who this belongs to ?? Anyone here on MUD? Just wanted to share this with ya'll....:D Toyota : Tacoma - eBay (item 270704205587 end time Feb-16-11 08:28:34 PST)
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    Another Tacoma Seat Swap Idea....

    I posted this long hypothetical description of an seat swap idea. it would be quicker for you to read this link that to retype it here. Sorry, I am not lazy, just in the middle of a PITA blurry eye condition and the meds are not helping.......and it is all Rx funny stuff here( hard to...
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    eBay  Wish I had the $$$ for this thing

    Wish I had the $$ for this UNIMOG !!!!! No affiliation...just for your viewing pleasure. :popcorn::beer: 1999 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U100L Turbo 4X4: eBay Motors (item 160458699625 end time Aug-10-10 17:16:06 PDT)
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    eBay  Cool affiliation

    Check this out......not a crawler, but cool just the same. Just the wrong color...jeeze :rolleyes: Toyota : Tacoma: eBay Motors (item 290450754163 end time Jul-23-10 17:42:37 PDT)
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    Need factory wiring diagram.....sources ??

    I have already done a search for the source for the FWD (factory wiring diagram) I know it is here on MUD somewhere because I saw a reference to it with a phone # etc...just can't find it now that I need it :bang::bang: After I got the pesky misfire sorted out on my '94 80 series, ( dist. was...
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    Crazy timing issue.. Wth ????

    I found out that my engine wiring harness is OK, after pulling off the factory insulation..... I remembered that when I bought the 80 that the PO had said they had to take the dist. out several times to get it to...
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    Wire harness advice please

    I just bought my first 80 (locked) about 5-6 weeks ago:clap: (1994) and have a few posts re: it......I have not added pics yet or put it in the mud registery yet.....eventually the camera will work..... I have an intermittent miss in the engine. I have R&R the plugs wires, cap, and rotor, and...
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    Engine skip. '94 OBD1 Code 17 ???

    OK, here I am again with an IRREGULAR skip in the engine and an OBD1 code 17. I can't seem to find it in my '94 FSM or on a search here for it. Any clues out there in cruiserland for a code 17 ?? What am I missing or doing wrong ?? This is my first 80. I put a paperclip between E1 and...
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    Need a heat and cool window AC unit....made in the US please..

    My good old trusty made in the US (10 years ago) Kennmore 8,000 BTU heat and cool window unit went out. We use it in the "bonus room, sometimes extra bedroom, etc" It used to be my garage :crybaby: Anyway, I have tried a few new units, but they are all made in China and do not cool worth a...
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    Got a New Skip. Is it the Super Lube or the KRYTOX flourinated grease ??

    I just bought a 1994 FZJ80 that had a skip in it. I washed it off with Super Power and hosed it off and the skip is/was gone for a week until today. Today I decided to replace the POS Bosch Platinum plugs with the OEM Densos from Toyota. BTW, it ran fine this AM....I was planning to replace...
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    Engine miss fire on # 4 , HELP !!

    I am looking at buying a stock 1994 FZJ80 with 165,000 miles. $4K No rust, very straight body, paint is good...faded hood. Clean underneath. Has working factory lockers. Leather on front (manual) seats has worn like most. Rear windows will not stay up...they drop down about 3 inches...
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    eBay  1995 4 Runner, Built, ....on evilbay No affiliation........
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    eBay  1994 FZJ80 w/ 6BT Cummins

    No affiliation..........This is nice, but I do not want to sell my house to buy it.... Toyota : Land Cruiser:eBay Motors (item 160362036322 end time Sep-18-09 16:56:47 PDT)
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    WTH is a "security token" ????????????

    I have been trying for a week to get some pictures of my crawler on the FS section of the classifieds here on mud. I keep getting error messages, etc. the last one was that I was missing a "security token" I just called a friend who does a lot of digital photography and sells the pics on...
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    For Sale  2005 bulldog xl rock crawler $8500/obo

    Vehicle SOLD Selling my 2 seat B16 Honda transaxle powered RC. 16 Valve (1.6) Liter engine It has a suprising amount of torque and power 4 speed OD Automatic. The crawler only has 59 hours on the HOBBS meter. My situation has changed since I bought it. Wife would rather we get a...
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    Cool Buggy FS on evilbay...NO AFFILIATION

    Check this toy out Single seater Rock Crawler,Moon buggy with rear steer!:eBay Motors (item 300324085078 end time Jun-26-09 19:45:52 PDT) At least it has Toyota Axles........
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    Insurance for an offroad only rock crawler ??

    Does anyone have insurance on their offroad only rock crawler ? Who would insure a truggy or a inline Honda powered crawler for example??? I did a seach on this site and came up with SAFECO and FARMERS as possibilities, but the thread was a couple of years old, so I am seaching for more up to...
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    FS 1994 FZJ 80 w/ SC No Afilliation

    Just saw this on evilbay. Another SC 80 for sale !!!!!!! I have no afilliation here. Just passing it along. I want one with lockers..........thank you very much. eBay Motors: Toyota : Land Cruiser (item 160331323465 end time May-04-09 03:27:35 PDT)
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    Dodge  DANA 60 Tie Rod Ends

    I just bought a 1991 1 ton Dodge W350, D60/D70 4x4, Cummins, 5 speed, single rear wheel. 300,000 miles. !!!!! The truck is very tight for the miles and age. the Front end u joints and wheel bearings were replaced a while back and seem to be OK. The King pins seem to be within tolerances...
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