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  1. willsta2000

    trouble tapping inner axle to birfield---Real time help needed

    Try Try pulling the inner axle out of the housing and putting the birfield on outside of the axle, then just replace it as a whole assembly. This of course assumes you haven't already tried this. Sometimes installing a birf is just tough with the inner shaft in the housing. WILL
  2. willsta2000

    Engine swap questions

    Just retain your original tranny/t-case and you won't have to mess with any other adjustments w/driveshafts or anything.
  3. willsta2000

    Engine swap questions

    You shouldn't have to use a clutch alignment tool as long as you do not remove the pressure plate, which will keep your clutch disc helc pretty firmly in place... the alignment tool is used just to center the clutch disc to the throwout bearing/bushing when reinstalling the pressure plate...
  4. willsta2000

    Engine swap questions

    removing bellhousing It is possible to swap out the bellhousing without breaking it all down too far. I would probably start by unbolting the tranny from the bellhousing first, being careful everything is well supported (engine by itself, and tranny/t-case by itself as well.) You will want to...
  5. willsta2000

    Engine Work << TIME AND BANANAS >>

    Head Gasket I'm not sure why you'd want to replace the head gasket, unless it is blown,... and at that point, I'd look into overhauling the engine or at least rebuilding it, last I recall, a head gasket is in the $100 range, not the kind of cash I would be throwing around unless it was merited...
  6. willsta2000

    Michelin XL 1100R16

    MichelinXL 1100R16 Tires have been sold. Hope they work well for you, Ken!! Enjoy!! WILL
  7. willsta2000

    SOA prices

    Personally, I would forget about doing a shackle reversal,... I know some folks on here like theirs, I personally ran one for approx 2 years, and wasn't impressed. If I had to brake hard, with the sr, my front end would nosedive 4-5 inches, and forget about being comfortable coming down steep...
  8. willsta2000

    Wanted window hooks and pads

    Do you just not have any?? I don't have any new, but I have used, cracked pads. No extra hooks left over though. WILL
  9. willsta2000

    Michelin XL 1100R16

    MichelinXL 1100R16 pics OK the rain/wind cleared up. Here are a few pics: (Hope this works) You may not be able to tell by pics,... there are no nubs on these tires, but on a couple of the them, there is some residual seam-flap left from when they were molded (as an indication of wear, or...
  10. willsta2000

    Michelin XL 1100R16

    4 Qty 37" Michelin XL 1100R16 Mudders For Sale For sale: 4 qty Michelin XL 1100R16's "Military Mud tires". ~99% tread remaining 2 of them still had original sales sticker stuck to the side of them when I got them,... originally sold for $550 apiece, granted they were on military 8-on-huge split...
  11. willsta2000

    Wanted SM465 adaptor

    SM465 Adapter Try emailing Jeepdude_Jay . I got mine from him a few years back. Worked out well. Good Luck WILL
  12. willsta2000

    Wanted Wtb--FZJ-80 Front Coils.

    Coils I have a set of FJZ80 coils,... don't know if they're front or rear though. (That is assuming 80's had both f/r coils. Do you have a roundabout unloaded measurement I could base mine on by any chance? WILL
  13. willsta2000

    Worst Mod you have every done:

    Worst Mod PO had 4 sets of lights on the front bumper, only 1 out of each pair worked, a 2000# ATV winch behind the bumper, not to mention he let his kids stick Pokemon stickers all over the dash, which were unremovable with anything less than a razor blade. Then there were the rust holes in...
  14. willsta2000

    Why do my turn signals not flash??

    Just go to your local wrecking yard, get a flasher from any GM car or truck,... the owner will probably give it to you, or charge you $.50, and wire it in place of your existing flasher. Your problem is the light circuits (bulbs) don't have enough resistance to actuate the thermocouple in...
  15. willsta2000

    WINCH ???? Need help ID-ing this thing

    Looks like the spool may have been narrowed at some point. I have no idea what its functionality could be, seeing that you'd be lucky to get 50' of cable on there. If that is, in fact where you would mount a hand-crank, and not the free'spool switch on the front, I would think the winch's sole...
  16. willsta2000

    tire size with a 4in lift

    They rubbed on mine The first time I had my BFG 33 12.50's out wheeling with my Skyjacker lift, they rubbed quite a bit. But I had 2 passengers in the back as well. You may get away without rubbing if you go with 10.5's though. With a little trimming, I had no more rubbing issues.\ WILL
  17. willsta2000

    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Conferr Gas Tank I have a used Con ferr style aux tank I picked up on here a while back. I was going to use it in mine (obviously), but, due to lengthening my wheelbase, it will not fit now. I'll let it go for $125+ shipping. Don't have any pics at the moment,... could probably get some in the...
  18. willsta2000

    SM465 + 6061 alum + early t-case.... <bling!>

    Opinion on plate adapter They definitely look very nice, Woody!!! Ever think about having the bottom squared off, leaving large enough corners to tap the plate on its vertical axis, so you could use it as your rear crossmember. (Like guys running a 203 doubler can use the adapter (between...
  19. willsta2000

    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Here's the email of a guy who makes 'em real close by me. (I got mine from him) IIRC ~ $180 His name is Jay. Good Luck!
  20. willsta2000

    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Would you be interested in some off my '74?,... I'm unaware of any difference.
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