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  1. Eduardo96FZJ80

    ~ Chargers '09

    I did see... that Norv will be returning, and that the Chargers are amongst the favorites to win the Lambordi in 2010 :rolleyes:
  2. Eduardo96FZJ80

    New Friend

    Cool looking pup. looks a little like our Bella she is a wymarainer (sp) I see a full grown male @ the local home depot, both these breeds love to run :)
  3. Eduardo96FZJ80

    ~ Chargers '09

    Not sure?? I figured He would have something to say??
  4. Eduardo96FZJ80

    ~ Chargers '09

    See what??
  5. Eduardo96FZJ80

    SD meet & greet interest

    I just saw... This :rolleyes: The Stone Brewery is almost in My back yard, I'll have to sneak by for a cold one. I'll bring some cash
  6. Eduardo96FZJ80

    ~ Chargers '09

    Sure Hope... you guys are ready to stop the Run this Sunday.
  7. Eduardo96FZJ80

    She said Yes!

    Congrats! :cheers:
  8. Eduardo96FZJ80

    Looks like we are moving

    Good luck Senor Rey
  9. Eduardo96FZJ80

    Front Calipers

    Guess you are going to have to use the "beer powered pedal pump"...... gonna have to go to the :beer: kragen :grinpimp:
  10. Eduardo96FZJ80

    Barker Ranch burned down

    Dave, Is that "Charles" in the sixth picture? :eek:
  11. Eduardo96FZJ80

    Front Calipers

    Brent, there is an advantage to using a "Vacula" ......... it won't drink your :beer: :rolleyes:
  12. Eduardo96FZJ80

    OC/LA/IE Meet and Greet - May 3rd

    looks like.... I'm going to have to miss another one.... :frown: I'll be in Sonoma that weekend..:frown:
  13. Eduardo96FZJ80

    RIP Tillie

    Mo.... Sorry to hear the terrible news. We too had to put our 14year old rottie to rest. :frown:
  14. Eduardo96FZJ80

    The 80 Recovery Begins..

    another adventure for Dave and crew.....:grinpimp:
  15. Eduardo96FZJ80

    ~ Chargers '09 Season Chat

    Sounds like all you have to do is win :rolleyes: I have to agree that He has been a major problem with the recent choices being made :frown: it was Al that went against Lane Kifin's decision to let Ryan go and not hire Hall.... now they are all gone... go figure :rolleyes:
  16. Eduardo96FZJ80

    Killer 80 Series Video

    :frown: link does not work for me :confused:
  17. Eduardo96FZJ80

    ~ Chargers '09 Season Chat

  18. Eduardo96FZJ80

    ~ Chargers '08 Season Chat

    :beer: :beer: I suppose you plan on beating Denver :rolleyes:
  19. Eduardo96FZJ80

    ~ Chargers '08 Season Chat

    ............ :D........
  20. Eduardo96FZJ80

    ~ Chargers '08 Season Chat

    Still around... Kinda busy @ work :frown: and i'm ready for Sunday....We'll have to see which teams show up ;p
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