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    Help....... 2F won't fire up after D.U.I. dizzy re-installed

    Hi All, Need help here. My '78 cruiser won't fire up after I re-installed the D.U.I. dizzy. I have to pulled-out the dizzy to remove the snapped hold down bolt. But before I pulled out the dizzy, I marked all the HT wires positions on the dizzy and spark plugs. I also remove the cap and mark...
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    Losing Power

    Hi 40 Lovers and Enthusiasts, I would like to refer to everyone my cruiser's current issue. I noticed that once the water temp. goes a bit under the half mark of the gauge, it starts to lose power. Does anyone have the same experience at some stage with their cruiser when the temp. goes up...
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    show me yer winch bumper

    Gentlemen, Just got me a brand new 12000lbs. winch. Stll trying to figure out will it sit on my 40's bumper. I wan't it a bit tuck into the bumper and front grill if possible. So, kindly show me what you guy's fot for your rigs. TIA. Cheers! gado
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    Who did a SOA with 2.5" leafspring on 36" rubber?

    Gents, I'm planning to replace my stock springs with a 2.5" lift leafspring. I just wanna see how would my rig will look like after the change-out. If you guys have done it, kindly share your pics. Mine is a SOA on 36" rubber. TIA. cheers! gado
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    Just another Saginaw P/S woes

    Gents, I'd like to hear from you guys about my problem recently with my rig's power steering system. I noticed that when i turn the wheel full right or full left, i can feel a strong wobble on the steering wheel. But I don't experience this while I'm driving straight on the road. Does...
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    firewall insulation... how'd you done it?

    Gents, Thinking of slapping an A/C into the rig to make driving more comfortable. But before i proceed to looking around what A/C system best fit into the cruiser, i would like to request help from you guys if how did you insulate the firewall so as not heat from engine bay enters the cab...
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    let's see yer 40 with track bar installed

    Gents, wanna pick-up some idea on how to install a track bar at the rear axle of my 40. i fell like she wants to roll when cornering. mine is a SOA, stock leaf springs on 36x12.5 ET II centipedes. So, kindly show me yours if your rig is equipped with this thing. TIA Cheers! gado
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    which plug would you recommend?

    Gents, I'm planning to have my 2F tuned this week. I noticed that there is already a delay in response whenever i step on the accelerator and also, i been experiencing hard starts lately. I'd like to Ask you guys if which spark plugs do you use in your 2F? My 2F is equipped with a MSD-6A...
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    Help ID a Saginaw box

    Gents, Kindly help me identify if what model saginaw power steering gearbox i have on my 40. Wher is the model no. located? ATF is leaking on the end plug. Need to find some repair instruction help. TIA gado
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    spacers or modify the wheel backspacing?

    gents, need your recommendation here. I have just put in a set of 36"x12.5R15 simex for my truck. My steel wheels backspsacing is about 3.25" and it kinda rub a bit when i do a full turn on the steering left and right. To correct this, what's the best thing to do? Modify the wheel's...
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    show me youe steering damper with specs

    gents, need your help here. just installed a saginaw P/S box on my 40. What a big difference. now, problem is steering is too sensitive and soft. it makes my rig "dance" while i drive it. thinking of installing a steering damper. could you show me how you done it and kindly tell me what sort...
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    moving '78 OEM fuel tank

    Gents, I kinda contemplating of moving my '78 OEM fuel tank that is currently mounted under passenger side seat to under the tub. Anyone can share their experience (would be great with picuter)? Or, shall i use an aftermarket gas tank or maybe a newly fabricated one out of a stainless...
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    Help! Water Leaking

    Gents, Need your advise what to do. This morning, while i'm doing my routine check, i noticed a trace of formed rust that must be from the cooling water leaking out. It is on the area between the engine block and cylinder head very adjacent to where the cooling pump inlet pipe is located...
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    Realtime Help Needed: Bleeding P/S System

    Gents, Need Help here. If anyone of you already done sort of bleeding off air in your power steering system, kindly share your step by step procedure. Just replaced my P/S pump but unfortunately, i did not feel any improvement on my steering system. It is still hard to turn. Also, noticed...
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    4.11 carrier to 3.71 housing, no problem?

    Gents, Got a quick question here. My friend wanna lease his spare 4:11 3rd member to me so i can have a feel wether 4:11 is good enough for my requirement or i must go for the nest lower ratio. My question, is this a bolt-on job? Meaning, remove the stock 3.71 3rd member assembly and slap-in...
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    clutch adjustment needed?

    Gents, Just finished replacing leaky clutch master and secondary cylinders. Had it bled and tested. Noticed that the grinding sound is still present when ever i engage gear, especially in 1st gear. Is something wrong with my cluctch? Or, do i need to do some adjustment / tuning? Any...
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    throttle cable conversion

    gents, had my mechanical accelerator linkages converted to cable type a few days ago. I think it was not properly done. It is kinda sticky when i accelerate from full stop and during gear shift. I can't do a smooth acceleration whenever i release my foot from the pedal and slowly pushing it...
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    What type MSD ignition control you guys recommend?

    Guys, What type of MSD ignition control you are using on your 40's? What's the experience? TIA gado
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    2F mech'l fuel pump testing

    guys, how do you test if your mechanical fuel pump is still good or time to replace? Also, if you put in a new pump, does it need priming? Any input will be greatly appreciated. TIA Cheers! gado
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    replacement fuel pump which do you recommend?

    Gents, Planning to replace my fj40's OEM diaphragm-type fuel pump because i feel like like it doesn't do the job anymore. I just replaced the diaphragm few months ago but now, it can hardly deliver fuel to the carb. sometimes, fuel line is dry. Which one would you recommend? An electric...
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