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  1. PDXFreebieLC

    1970 FJ40 Differential Questions...

    Thanks bikersmurf, that's what I thought but wasn't positive.
  2. PDXFreebieLC

    Does anyone drive with the windshield down?

    During the summer the top and doors are off so it's easy to drop the windshield from time to time around town. Just throw on a pair of good wrap around sunglasses or you'll be crying everytime you pull up to someplace. I also ride a bike and love the wind in my face
  3. PDXFreebieLC

    1970 FJ40 Differential Questions...

    Hey all, I've been reading the tech forum questions and answers for a few years now, ever since my father in law gave me his early 1970 FJ40 (manufactured Frbruary 1970). He bought is new in Colorado and used it as his daily until 1993. Then it mostly sat in his driveway in until 2008 when I got...
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