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  1. RyanR

    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T - Anyone Using Them?

    I have five 35x11.50R17 Toyo Open Country AT III tires sitting around waiting for rims, and looks like they are going to be waiting until November for said rims to arrive. All this waiting around has me second guessing my tire choice and idly looking at other tires while I pass the time. The...
  2. RyanR

    REVIEW: FullyLitLED 200 Series Kit

    Thanks for everyone's patience, I know there has been a lot of interest in these and FullyLit has been waiting on my review to ship anything out. Definitely appreciate the attention to detail and Lennard's focus on creating an excellent product for the community. When we first started chatting...
  3. RyanR

    Wanted  OEM 200 Series LC Roof Rack - Boise, ID

    Looking for an OEM 200 Series Roof Rack for my LX with the "shorty" stock rack. Happy to pay shipping and a fair price!
  4. RyanR

    SOLD  RARE OPPORTUNITY - 1 of only 2 Trak Shak Campers in North America - Denver, CO - FOR SALE

    ASKING $8,000 OBO Located in Denver, CO Call, TXT or Email if interested: (970) 987-1969 or Well, this is a very bittersweet post for me. Our family is in the process of selling most of our belongings as this time next month we will be starting our next adventure and...
  5. RyanR

    Great Toyota/Lexus Mechanic in Denver Area?

    I wasn't sure where to post this entirely but there are a lot of local 200 owners so I'll try here first. Here's my dilemma: I normally do all my own wrenching but as I sit here about to tackle the radiator replacement for my 2008 LX570 and reflect upon the time commitment while I'm growing a...
  6. RyanR

    Anyone running a 285/65R20?

    I am running 275/65R20 Falken Wildpeak AT3W's currently (34x11R20 as indicated on the sidewall, 34.1x10.8R20 as indicated by a direct metric to inch conversion). So far I love the Falkens. Quiet ride, very smooth and stable on the highway. Excellent in the snow and ice, great wet performance...
  7. RyanR

    No ARB Warranty on Internal Air leaks?

    I am getting quotes for 4.88 regear and Front/Rear ARB Airlockers and here is one of the shops responses: "Hello. To do gears and lockers front and rear $4300.00. no warranty on Air leak from inside of ARB as they are having issues with internal leaks." Is this a known issue? Can any of the...
  8. RyanR

    Plus sized tires and fender well contact on jumps?

    Some of you might be wondering why I'm asking about jumping a 200 series and then some of you have driven with me before. On my FJC even with 33's I would rub the upper plastic fender liner on hard landings. With 35's it ate the fender liners. Now I haven't seen any posts so far (Mind I haven't...
  9. RyanR

    For Sale  2008 - FJ Trail Team Edition

    2008 - FJ Cruiser Trail Team Edition - $21,500 126,191 Miles I am selling my 2008 FJ Cruiser Trail Team due to the need for a larger vehicle for my growing family. I hate to see it go, this vehicle has been stone dead reliable and given me much joy over the past several years. It has been all...
  10. RyanR

    What did you do to your Cruiser today?

    I didn't see a thread for this in the BCC forum so I thought I would start one up. It is always fun to see what you guys are doing to your Cruisers and I thought it would be fun to post up here in the forum. If you have knowledge to share or just want to post up some fun photos of your projects...
  11. RyanR

    The Officially Unofficial Motorcycle Thread

    It's not about cruisers but I know several of you members ride so lets see your boss scooters! (I'm talking to you ranchhand, lets see some Tengai photos!) Feel free to post up anything motorcycle related. What bikes are in your stable currently and what have you owned in the past? Stories...
  12. RyanR

    Grand Junction Offroad Show

    Hey guys, I am debating whether or not I should head down to the off-road show tomorrow. I have a graduation party I have to attend so I would be leaving shortly after lunch to get back in time. I wanted to see what time everyone is showing up and what to expect. I have never attended this...
  13. RyanR

    Midland 75-822, Bandi Mount and Additional 12V Power Install

    My installation is similar to many others on here but I though I would do a quick write up as you can never have too much information or photos when it comes time for your own install. First thing I did was install the Bandi Mount and 3' Firestik Antenna with tunable tip. I used the...
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