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  1. J

    3D Printed Rear Door Speaker Spacer with handle

    Wow great idea, thanks for sharing. I would be interested in a set as well.
  2. J

    Builds Sweet Brown - 80 Build

    Wow this looks really steep, and I'm sure the picture doesn't even do it justice.
  3. J

    Almost done restoring my FzJ80 - What do you guys/girls think?

    Beautiful rig brother, I love it.
  4. J

    My turbo Lx450

    Wow, love the setup. Thanks for sharing and dang it looks clean.
  5. J

    For Sale SOLD - Denver - 97 LX 450 3 Link, Lockers, etc.

    Wow, I was thinking this thing won't last long, thats a great price. Somebody got a great rig.
  6. J

    Leg hair pulling solutions

    Yeah probably just the one area.
  7. J

    Leg hair pulling solutions

    I have a 95 fzj80, does anybody else get their leg hairs pulled while wearing shorts driving on your left leg from the arm rest/window control area? I think its the seam between the top panel that has the window controls on it and the part that it's connected to underneath it. Maybe I'm the only...
  8. J

    Wits End/Landtank Modified Fan Clutch

    Mine has 35's and 4:88s and its no problem going 80 with bumpers, winch, roof rack etc. My speedo is almost exactly on, maybe 1 or 2 off, I have checked it using GPS many times. I thought that gearing change fixes the speedometer so its back to stock basically. I might be wrong on that though.
  9. J

    80s With Canoes

    I don't know that much about canoes but I know a little. Is that 16 foot aluminum canoe seriously only 40 lbs? 16’ 1968 Grumman Aluminum Weight about 40lbs Prinsu roof rack Front tie down connected to bumper, same with rear. No movement along washboard dirt roads. That sounds like kevlar...
  10. J

    For Sale 1996 lx450 triple locked in Pennsylvania

    Looks like a great rig and a good price, good luck with sale.
  11. J

    For Sale Raleigh, 3X locked $7.5k NOT MINE

    Great looking rig, and a great price I think.
  12. J

    Just another blown Head Gasket

    Wow, nice job dude. I just did this job 2 weeks ago, well finished it 2 weeks ago probably took me 2 weeks to do it. Did many similar things. Great pictures, great idea slotting the manifold to fit the harness through. This was the biggest job I have ever done and now I know why everybody always...
  13. J

    M12000 Winch - What Fuse to use?

    Thanks for all the good info guys, I think this answered my questions.
  14. J

    For Sale 97' LX450 lifted/locked/geared

    Great looking rig, What can you tell me about the maintenance on it?
  15. J

    SOLD HZJ-80 Turbo, 1997 40th Anniversary, E-lockers (Utah)

    This thing is beautiful, great rig.
  16. J

    Parting Out FZJ80 with tons of parts

    Is the battery tray available?
  17. J

    SOLD Built 1996 FZJ80 in CO

    Thank you for the response back and the pictures.
  18. J

    Another Sub Speaker Question

    Was it the whole hog one? FJ80 Subwoofer and Amplifier Mounting
  19. J

    SOLD Built 1996 FZJ80 in CO

    Great looking rig, well setup and sorted too. I'm helping a friend looking for an 80. A couple questions about it. Hows the rust? Has it always been in Colorado its whole life? How many owners has it had and how long have you had it? How much of this did you do, and how much was previous owner...
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