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  1. Cruiser_Nerd

    eBay Early three speed w/ ramsey

    Not mine and not to comment on the price, but an interesting chunk of drivetrain and winch included with the valuable motor that got painted: toyota fj-40 motor/trans | eBay
  2. Cruiser_Nerd

    FREE Crane Ignition

    You pay the cost of a medium flat rate box. For early distributors, two wheels and eyes, one ignition thingy. Great spares if you run this setup. No idea what works, off various parts rigs. No, the distributor is not included, currently getting a Pertronix.
  3. Cruiser_Nerd

    Spring perch.

    So apparently while treating the 50 year old like a rock crawler a couple years ago I tested the limit of the rear spring perch. I slammed it pretty hard on the outside leading edge and never looked at closely. Apparently sheared the pin and twisted the perch.
  4. Cruiser_Nerd

    For Sale One Nut Short...

    ...of a full set of 23mm lug nuts. $20 shipped. That's 23 tall nuts, chemically cleaned, the two best and two worst are shown acorn side up.
  5. Cruiser_Nerd

    craigslist Early 3 Speed

    Not mine , but semi local in CT. This guy randomly advertises assorted early 40 pieces, had a top and doors earlier: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Transmission/Transfer Case Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Transmission/Transfer Case This is a 1958-1963 Toyota FJ40 Transmission/transfer case for parts. It...
  6. Cruiser_Nerd

    For Sale Early Door Strikes

    Either to the scrap bucket or 5$ to put in an envelope and mail.....probably from a 62 or so.
  7. Cruiser_Nerd

    Trade Vacuum Wipers for Electric

    Will trade these vacuum wipers for a complete early electric wiper set (2 motors, 2 arms and a switch with knob). I need some electrics for a '62 40 windshield frame. These should be enough parts to get you a complete set of vacuum wipers for a 25. One switch arm is missing. Genuine...
  8. Cruiser_Nerd

    Trade Taco Locking Lug Nuts

    Will trade four factory locking lug nuts and tool (McGard) from a 2015 Taco for four standard lug nuts. Shank and washer style for aluminum rim, not tapered nuts for steelies. My nuts have been removed :confused: so I can send them to you first, and then you send me yours o_O. Or buy 'em...
  9. Cruiser_Nerd

    For Sale 100 Locking Lug Nuts

    Four used factory locking lug nuts (McGard?) and tool in good shape from a 2002 100. $10 shipped. I hate these things and replaced them on every vehicle I own, but maybe you like?
  10. Cruiser_Nerd

    For Sale 84 FJ45 Pickup

    Going to go to fleabay with this, so one more time on mud before Christmas. 1984 FJ45RPKQ, September 1984, rhd, lwb, p/s, front disc brakes, no rot, garage kept, survivor. Drive anywhere now. Replacement factory tailgate, cab and nose was repainted a long time ago, in a land far, far away. All...
  11. Cruiser_Nerd

    For Sale 1960 FJ25

    Something needs to leave the garage and step out of the lineup of stuff I'll never get to. The 45 is going to CL where I got it. 1960 FJ25, runs good like a 55 year old Toyota should. The body is solid, there is no rot. PTO and canvas top. This could be an easy cosmetic restoration or a great...
  12. Cruiser_Nerd

    Poor ole 13020

    1960 Toyota Landcruiser - Diesel engine Fully Restored showroom quality I spent way too long crafting a thread on this and then lost the post, pics and number saved for posterity. Anyone else see what they did here? Clues are in the pics. It coulda been an Icon.......
  13. Cruiser_Nerd

    Temp Sender for Early Cluster.

    Checked these values for Splangy, thought I'd post it up in a thread since I didn't see it in our old conversations. I believe this applies to all the early 25 and 40 clusters. I did a few readings on a working stock sender so we could have a record of the values, unfortunately it wasn't too...
  14. Cruiser_Nerd

    Fall Gathering 2013

    Last year I rode in comfort in the 45 and left Mike to defend the 25's reputation against all the wannabes. :) With Wilma the FJ35LV now sent off to the middle of nowhere to convalesce :frown: thought I might pull my 25 out for the trip. Still sporting dirt from 2011, I found the wheel...
  15. Cruiser_Nerd

    1960 FJ25 Soft Top Barn Find - CT

    Revised Ad: What: 1960 FJ25L Where: Higganum, CT (my barn) I bought this 25 twelve years ago as a roller from Colorado Springs. The previous owner was in the middle of a drivetrain swap and had scrapped the original engine/tranny/transfer. Fortunately I had previously bought a FJ25 which was...
  16. Cruiser_Nerd

    Koito Spotlight

    ............plug it into your power outlet............we all have one of those............and happy poaching! ;p Not mine for sale..................maybe I should buy all four though. :hhmm:
  17. Cruiser_Nerd

    New Glass Bowl Filter

    Not mine: In case someone's been searching. Plus you'll get a unique right angle filter body too. :D
  18. Cruiser_Nerd

    Air Rail - F

    Air rail off an early CA motor, same as the later ones that graced our shores. Check valve seems to work with a quick oral test. ;) $25 shipped.
  19. Cruiser_Nerd

    FJ25 Wheels

    FJ25 Wheels - Not pretty, but if you need one it's all I have left. Both of these are very rusted with heavy loss of metal, arrows are where the pitting is real bad. I would only use them for a static display or a spare you never intend to use on the road. #5 is better than #6 (I didn't...
  20. Cruiser_Nerd

    For Sale [CT] Early Half Doors

    SOLD Half Doors for early 40. I didn't do these. Rubber is there, but not great. Bottoms are not rotted out, but there is a welded repair on one (pictured). $400 OBO shipped to continental US. Prefer local pickup.
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