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  1. jeepndel

    Albright Takes Over BlueRibbon/Sharetrails

    June 1st I was appointed interim Executive Director of Sharetrails/BlueRibbon Coalition. Here is my message to all members and supporters. ## I am happy to be your new (interim) Executive Director effective June 1, 2018, driving the Sharetrails/BRC boat! We appreciate all that Martin Hackworth...
  2. jeepndel

    Inauguration Day 2017 for Off-roaders

    My job and BRC's job is to keep trails open. We've done that for 30 years through MANY different Administrations. Talk is talk. Let's see what really happens. No matter the "ruler" me and BRC will be helping you figure out how we can keep wheeling. Thanks, Del
  3. jeepndel

    Inauguration Day 2017 for Off-roaders

    Today January 20th, 2017, Inauguration Day marks a new era for us off-roading/four wheeling types. But please allow me a slight caveat. While we may celebrate for our guns, our freedoms and our trails, DO NOT think the battles are over. First off, the new Administration will be pretty darn...
  4. jeepndel

    Only you -- the Giving Time of Year

    It is the giving time of year when the holiday/Christmas spirit urges us to do something for our favorite charities – like groups that save trails! I hope you will find it in your heart to help keep our motorized sports alive and our trails open. Please support on a national level and your...
  5. jeepndel

    No Room for Offroad Cowboys

    THE DAYS OF RUNNING FREE AND RIDING OFF INTO THE SUNSET ARE ONLY FOR THE MOVIES! But Freedoms Still Exist and We Need to Keep Them. By Del Albright This story is about off-pavement motorized recreation and how the "cowboy" claim to fame of riding free is just not real anymore. Not for us as...
  6. jeepndel

    Helping Hands Building Bridges to Volunteerism

    Helping Hands Building Bridges in Volunteerism THE SPIRIT OF COOPERATION THROUGH HELPING HANDS Is the Solution to Successful Volunteerism and a Better Future for All Presented on behalf of the BlueRibbon Coalition, Sharetrails.Org/BRC By Del Albright Volunteer efforts from churches to...
  7. jeepndel

    Up-Purpose Your Volunteerism

    PURPOSEFUL VOLUNTEERISM: PUSHING BEYOND HOLDING OUR GROUND Only by escalating to more offensive strategies will we win the battles for access. By Del Albright, Ambassador Sharetrails.Org/BRC Do not just volunteer; but rather up-purpose your volunteerism! In today’s world when we are all...
  8. jeepndel

    How to Form a State-Level Recreation Council like NAMRC

    FORMING STATE LEVEL MOTORIZED RECREATION COUNCILS Following the national NAMRC formula By Del Albright, BRC Ambassador OVERVIEW: The solution to a positive future for motorized recreation lies in more unity among users. Statewide cooperation and coordination between different modalities...
  9. jeepndel

    Tribute Jeep on East Coast Tour

    Team Albright, Del & Stacie are Driving a special "freedom" tribute Jeep from Maine to Florida this spring. This Jeep tour is paying tribute to our veterans who gave us the freedoms we enjoy, like four-wheeling and exploring this great country of ours. We are PROUD to be part of the...
  10. jeepndel

    They Are Killing Our Access

    They Are Killing Our Access! How Egos and Personalities Could Be Our Downfall By Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador Is your club ticked off at a neighboring club? Are you drifting away from your club because of the behavior of a few folks? Do you find yourself attending fewer club/group...
  11. jeepndel

    ACTION Needed; So. CA desert mixed up and messy issues

    ACTION NEEDED in CA desert issues NOTE: As of today, 10/9/15, there is an OHV friendly legislation in front of Congress, HR 3668 that would create new national OHV recreation areas in the CA desert; yet at the same time, this “monument express” business is going on. Most groups like the 3668...
  12. jeepndel

    Proven Formula for Saving Trails

    PROVEN FORMULA TO PROTECT ACCESS AND SAVE TRAILS By Del Albright Saving (and sustaining) a trail system, protecting access and keeping our off-pavement motorsports alive and well boils down to a proven formula: Engineering, Education, Enlisting and Enforcement. In the simplest of terms, that...
  13. jeepndel

    Don't be Cherry-Stemmed Out of Access

    Don’t Be Cherry-Stemmed Out of Access Be In-touch; Informed; and Involved By Del Albright cherry-stem v. to extend a spur of unprotected non-wilderness land, especially a dead-end road or trail, through a protected wilderness area. Also as a noun and as the form cherrystem...
  14. jeepndel

    Join the Line up; Trails Await Our Help

    Are your memberships up to date? There is WAY too much going on with our access and trails for anyone to be waiting for a better time to join up -- everything that makes sense to you, starting with your national grassroots organization -- BRC. Eastern public lands, what little there are, are...
  15. jeepndel

    More Land Use Leaders Graduate VLLS

    I’m honored to present the VLLS Class of 2015, Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS) Workshop. These folks graduated March 1, 2015 after an intense two and half days in training. The synergy and networking that took place were a huge success and undoubtedly made for the most powerful...
  16. jeepndel

    Land Use App Revised and Updated from Del Albright

    I'm proud (and relieved) to finally release a usable, thumb-friendly version of my "Land Use App" for your mobile device. I'd love to hear some input and suggestions as it's not perfect yet; but I've slammed a lot of work into it so I'm hoping it is a great tool for you to carry around. Give a...
  17. jeepndel

    New BRC Land Use Alert System

    BRC is trying a new alert system and I wanted to share it with you as it combines several issues into one alert, with a link for more info to each state with an issue. You probably already know it, but if you want to SELECT what states you hear about, you can do that by signing up on our big...
  18. jeepndel

    Big Sale Today; Your Freedoms and Your Access

    BIG SALE TODAY ONLY -- THE AMERICAN DREAM! Are your freedoms being bought? By Del Albright This is not about the "sky is falling" or some presumptuous opinion I might have about how our government and economy works. This is about some facts that will scare you and make you wonder just how...
  19. jeepndel

    Del Albright Training Workshop Announcement

    I would prefer to get them by email (Word doc or scanned PDF). But if you need to mail it hard copy, drop me a pm. thanks, Del
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