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  1. sandcruiser90

    Powder Coat Bed Rack

    Got a bow rack fabricated for my 45 pick up bed to have a canopy soft top. Need to get sand blast and powder coat. What is a reasonable cost for this?
  2. sandcruiser90

    Bed Bow Rack for HJ45 fabricated.

    Just had a bed bow rack fabricated. Should be strong enough as a roll bar and to carry accessories with a Molle board. Entire rack needs powder coating and can be easily removed. Tell me your thoughts. Waiting on soft top canopy cover to be made.
  3. sandcruiser90

    HJ45 Dog Canopy with Tether

    Just put this in the bed.
  4. sandcruiser90

    Has anyone converted a bed to hydraulic dump bed?

    Have a 1979 HJ45. Considered converting to 3-way hydraulic dump bed for use on a farm. Has anyone done this or ideas how to do?
  5. sandcruiser90

    My single owner FJ62 “Sandcruiser”

    Fishing on Ocracoke Island,NC Outer Banks in my completely OEM stock, bought brand new 28 years ago, only owner, with 139,700 original authentic miles. 1990 FJ62 Sandcruiser. Rarely driven On Road.
  6. sandcruiser90

    Weatherstripping and window felt replacement

    Rebuild thread Roll window down so roller is at this position Remove this bolt. Remove this screw. Turn vent window to side to get cam to clear frame. Slide this bar to side so allows window to drop.
  7. sandcruiser90

    Window channel help

    Im replacing the felt channel liners, not sure if that’s the correct term, for side door window on 1979 HJ45. OEM weatherstripping package does not have aluminum replacement. Was given foldable rubber felt except for the bottom window opening channel which is aluminum, although I need to cut...
  8. sandcruiser90

    HJ45 towing. H engine.

    79 LWB. H engine. How much can I safely tow? 3500 lbs? This thing is really slow though seems to have strong low gears and requires quick shifting to 3rd. How is the torque?
  9. sandcruiser90

    1979 HJ45 H diesel component identification help

    Like help identifying these. This is just behind headache rack. What plugs in here? This one on block. Near oil dipstick. Is it a glow plug sensor? This says flasher. Under dash. Not hooked up. My turn signals work. What is it for?
  10. sandcruiser90

    How to determine if shocks need replacement?

    Fairly new to FJ40s. Moderate mechanically challenged. How do I determine if shocks need replacement? Mine rides pretty good on smooth roads and pretty bumpy on rough dirt roads with potholes. Is this typical to FJ40-mine is 1972 with OME 2 1/2 lift and 33x9.5x15 BFGs? If I want to change...
  11. sandcruiser90

    For Sale BaT 1990 FJ62-Sold

    Not mine. What do you think about this price for a 1990 FJ62 with 332K miles? Sold for $9100. No Reserve: 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62
  12. sandcruiser90

    79 HJ45 oil pressure

    Start started. Warm idle Increased RPM Changed out my oil sender for OEM. When off the needle is not visible. At idle my needle is just above first line and goes up very slightly with increased RPMs.Never to half way mark. When oil is warmed up at idle it is just below low. Tried...
  13. sandcruiser90

    OEM vs SOR front door weatherstrip

    Anyone have any experience with OEM vs SOR weatherstrip for 45 doors? I have a 1979 HJ45 Australian with wind vent window. OEM is about $100 more per side. Worth it or is SOR good quality?
  14. sandcruiser90

    H engine oil filter change- first time

    Changed the oil filter cartridge on my 1979 HJ45 diesel H engine for first time. Even after reading everyone’s tribulations it was more fun than I deserved.
  15. sandcruiser90

    Changed H Diesel engine oil filter for first time.

    Changed the oil filter on my 1979 HJ45 diesel H engine for first time. Even after reading everyone’s tribulations it was more fun than I deserved.
  16. sandcruiser90

    Cold start question

    Have a 1972 FJ40 with a 2F engine with a 1972 Aisan carb. It ran very rich when I got it with black soot coming out the pipe and terrible gas mileage. "High altitude" jets were replaced with smaller jets and carb was adjusted to run lean. Now its clean and gas mileage is much better and no...
  17. sandcruiser90

    Aisan Carb Identification

    1972 FJ40 replaced with 2F engine by PO. The carb has stamped 2D2. Is that April 2, 1972 build? Is that an F carb? Dizzy looks to have vacuum line that goes to this black box and then hose to under carb. Can someone explain this set up please?
  18. sandcruiser90

    On the trail in NC Mountains

    Rescued from NYC. Dressed out for St. Patrick’s Day.
  19. sandcruiser90

    Grinding/rubbing noise turning left

    Found another cause of grinding/rubbing noise turning left. Exhaust pipe replaced by PO. 33in tires. Spare on R side of 1972 FJ40 with typical lean to right. When make turn to left the body leans to right and inside tire edge rubs on tail pipe. Asked my wife to sit in back to identify and it...
  20. sandcruiser90

    Master brake cylinder sensor leak

    On my recently acquired HJ45 the two sensors are leaking. Damaged paint in engine compartment underneath. Not familiar with these. Had mechanic look at it and he recommends replacing with plugs since there are no wires connected to them doesn’t feel they are needed. When I turn the key, with...
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