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  1. CRAW

    Buying a used off-roader - HELP

    Hey guys - long time no talk. Sorry to come here when only in need of something, but I truly don't know where else to turn. Long story short... I got in an accident over a week ago w/ my 2007 FJC, and the insurance company (just yesterday) deemed in "totaled." I've been looking at other...
  2. CRAW

    DSM Area FJC Windshield Replacement Recomendations?

    Hey guys! Long time - no talk. It's good to see the club is still trucking along. Do any of you local guys have any recommendations on someone to replace my FJ Cruiser's windshield? Yesterday, during the snow storm, I got a nice long crack along the bottom of my windshield, and I'm...
  3. CRAW

    Found out I'm getting canned...

    I found out today they are closing my place of business and I need to find a new job. Anyone have any leads in the purchasing/buyer/procurement field?
  4. CRAW

    Co-worker askin' for help on a FJ75LP Land Cruiser truck...

    A co-worker of mine is asking for help in finding out how much a 1990 Land Cruiser FJ75 pick up is worth. He said the model is a FJ75LP-MVN, and it's in fair/poor condition. Any help or suggestions on what I can tell him, or who I can tell him to contact? Thanks guys.
  5. CRAW

    Tall Corn Cruiser Logo...

    Who created our logo? It's money!!!
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