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    Vacuum attachment for gauge

    Hi, Who has a picture of where they mounted the vacuum hose for a vacuum gauge on the manifold of their fj-62 ? Thanks, Mike
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    No more land cruisers for USA ?

    Hi, Motor Trend is reporting no more Land Cruisers in 2022 for USA. I hope this is not so. Mike
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    Owners manuals

    Hi, While 200.00 dollar owners manuals might easily fit some peoples budgets, not mine. Could we start a site here for posting owners manuals that we in Lone Star have ? Others could join in . I have several I could post. These would be free to anyone but could not be copied for profit . Mike
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    Hi, Where can I find the 1988 land cruiser new car features PDF ? Thanks, Mike
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    Wanted Looking for 2002-2006 land cruiser

    HI, Looking for 2002-2006 land cruiser. 150,000 miles or less. Thanks, Mike
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    Car trailer help

    Hi, Does Anyone have a car trailer I could borrow to take the cruiser to Princeton,Texas for repairs ? Thanks, Mike
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    Mud ship Phoenix to Dallas area

    Hi, My son was in a wreck and I need to fix his fj-62 it's his daily driver . I found two parts in Phoenix but they are worried they will be damaged in shipping. Is there anyone coming to the Dallas area or near by state and could bring parts ? P M me. Thanks, Mike
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    Machine shop

    Hi, We blew a head gasket in the 1989 fj62. Who's a great machine shop in the Fayettville ,Arkansas area ? Also does anyone have any extra fj62 font end body parts ? Thanks, Mike
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    Aftermarket 60 parts review

    Hi, Who has used aftermarket hoods and fenders and what did you think ? I've personally used the aftermarket fj62 grill and found fit and finish fine .Thanks, Mike
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    Wanted Fj62 parts needed

    Hi, I need a Front clip for fj62. Thanks, Mike
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    Fj62 parts needed

    Hi, My son was in a wreck. We need a hood ,fenders,radiator core support etc. Thanks, Mike
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    Working on the cruisers

    Hi, Working on the cruisers this weekend and the manual grease guns failed.They quit pushing grease. Does anyone know where you can get the rubber plunger part ? Guns are older ,U.S. Made quality guns. Thanks, Mike
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    Auto key programmer

    Hi, I need to program my new remote keys does anyone have a programmer I could borrow ? Thanks, Mike
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    GM 1983 Chevy 4x4 long bed restore

    Hi, I need to replace my engine currently 305 ; formerly lousy diesel. Recomendations ? Thanks, Mike
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    Hi,This fits early 1988 Toyota Land Cruisers. Anyone have a used one? Thanks, Mike
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    1988 Fj62 cold start timer switch

    Hi, What are the replacement options ? Mine is dead and the cruiser won't hardly start . Wife getting impatient. Thanks, Mike
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    OME shock differences ?

    Hi, installing new shocks on the 1991. What is the difference between the 60018 and 60020 ? Thanks, Mike
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    Duck hunting

    Hi, Anyone have any good duck hunting ? Mike
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    Regular oil or synthetic ?

    Hi, What do you use and why ? An aircraft mechanic I meet says there is no advantage to using synthetic oil and that it is illegal to use in aircraft. I've used both and never had but one problem and that was a Volvo turbo that went out at 40,000 miles. The whole Volvo was a Lemmon anyway so may...
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    Fj40 power steering ?

    Hi, What is the difference between the Toyota power steering box reseal kit between the 1980 and 1981 ? Thanks, Mike
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