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  1. jleeFJ62

    2016 Tundra Pricing

    Put a deposit down on a 2016 Tundra. Was wondering if anyone else has priced them out in their area and if so, what price? Crewmax 4x4 SR5 package tie down kit spray in bedliner Cost i was offered $35950. MRSP was a little over 41k. Thanks John
  2. jleeFJ62

    For Sale 88 FJ62 Lifted and Built Greenville SC

    1988 FJ62 157,xxx SOLD I'm the second owner of this Landcruiser. Purchased at 152-3k on 2007. Has been garage kept since them. Condition: Inside - brown carpet and dash look good for its age. Rear seat is in good condition. Front seats have been replaced with Corbeau suspension seats...
  3. jleeFJ62

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Rick
  4. jleeFJ62

    2013-2014 UC Elections

    Its that time of year again to vote on who will become the leaders of our club. Don't be shy. You can vote for yourself. PM me your votes and i'll reach out to those nominated. Positions: President - Chuck Vice President - Kane Secretary - Gabe Events - Rick New Membership...
  5. jleeFJ62

    Recommendation for electrician/GC

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a licensed electrician/general contractor in the greenville/simpsonville area? Removed the old stove/microwave unit and replaced with new ones, but need someone to wire in a new plug above the microwave and install it. Thanks JL
  6. jleeFJ62

    Happy birthday trollhole

    Happy bday old timer
  7. jleeFJ62

    What motor will Marshall replace big gay with thread

    Since Marshall is being all secretive and not responding back to texts. What is everyone's guess of what will replace the big gay. Winner wins a free beer at the next MM.
  8. jleeFJ62

    Wanted Fj62 rear frame brackets

    Looking for 3 to 4 of these. They are actually the bracket for the front tow hook. Sorry.
  9. jleeFJ62

    FJ60/FJ62 Seat Mount Brackets

    Are the seat mounting brackets different on a FJ60 and FJ62? I picked up a set of Corbeau seats from a fellow mudder and it came with Corbeau 86+ seat mounting brackets. After putting the seats in my FJ62, i found out the brackets dont line up/not even close. I checked Corbeau's site and it...
  10. jleeFJ62

    Happy Birthday Eventhough

    Happy Birthday Steve
  11. jleeFJ62

    Trade Feeler- WTT FJ62 for a FJ40 [SC]

    I'm the second owner of this 62. Orginal purchased from Burke Toyota in Denver. Frame ws in pretty good shape, a few rust spots. First was on the passanger side fender. I ended up ripping it out when trying to take the snake binding off. I've ground the rust down with a wire wheel and put naval...
  12. jleeFJ62

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas UC. Hope Santa is good to every one!
  13. jleeFJ62

    Princess Icon/Who Wheels the most/web wheeler thread

    A place for Jay, JP, and Steve to fling poo. :flipoff2::flipoff2: Quote: Originally Posted by eventhough Ima JP and I wunt to Clampsin. :flipoff2: Quote: Originally Posted by ClemsonCruiser Just found out the wife is going on a "girls" weekend so I am in 100%...... Marshall hope you...
  14. jleeFJ62

    Sporting Clays

    Details: Date: Saturday Nov 5th Time: TBA Location: TBA Will post more info after Oct 8th when Gabe meets up with his cousin Costs: $10 per shooter for the house and a waiver (reason? So that Gabe's Family will continue to let us use their land so we can make this an annual event)...
  15. jleeFJ62

    Your List for 2011/12

    Stole this from ONSC. What's on your list to do on your cruiser for the rest of this year and next? For my 62: install sliders and rear bumper Desmog new tre's new O2 sensors new exhaust redo the front end alignment to get rid of toe in rear main seal new rear drum's probably alot of...
  16. jleeFJ62

    Happy Birthday Marshall

    Happy bday!
  17. jleeFJ62

    Mudship - Greensboro Nc to Charlotte/Shelby Nc or Greenville Sc

    Looking to see if anyone is coming down this way that can transport a rear bumper for me. Will help with gas. Thanks John Lee
  18. jleeFJ62

    Wanted fj62 rear aftermarket bumper

    Looking for an older IPOR metal bumper or any other aftermarket metal bumpers (with swing outs if possible). Located in Upstate SC. Thanks john
  19. jleeFJ62

    Has anyone else seen this? I've watch it a thousand times this morning

    'The Amazing Race''s Amazing Fail (VIDEO)
  20. jleeFJ62

    Ping Marshall
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