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    Harrop E-Locker using OEM Switch and Dash Lights in a HDJ81 / FJ80

    having trouble acquiring OEM terminal wires 82998-12160 x5 in Australia - local toyota parts dealers dont seem to recognise the number and the ones they had in stock labelled terminal repair looks very different than OP's pic. anyone able to help post them from the US?
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    working on sound deadening i have stripped out the carpet and seats read all the threads, just wondering what the contemporary view is on removing the tar based factory deadening. worth the effort or no? im thinking i start off trying a small part with the dry ice method and if its too hard...
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Installed a GME 330C + AE4707B combo unit that was on sale in my JDM HDJ80 today. Used the factory (useless) japanese little bonnet mirror as a mounting point for the 2.1db aerial as i dont have a bar on this thing yet. I think it looks pretty okay. mounted the unit just alongside the DS of...
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    Audio upgrade for the 21st century

    did the KTA-450 power 6 speakers well? I have 8 speakers in my VX model and am wondering if a full sized amp is needed or not
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    Door ajar issues

    Hi there fellas, new to the forums here. I'm having an issue with my '96 FZJ80. I first noticed when the central lock switch on the drivers door was immediately flicking off when I attempted to lock the car. Then when i had the dome light set to 'door' it was on constantly. The car still locks...
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