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    Timing belt alignment....

    I checked my photos @ RightCamTiming.JPG by Pete Pressley and it looks like as long as the dots on the belt match the marks on the gears (All 3!) you are good. Mine is in a slightly different position than yours but I don't have a good shot of the crank gear.
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    Key programming

    Doh. Found my answer on page 2. Never mind. :)
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    Replacement tow harness converter

    I bought one off etrailer that plugged right in and works well. (I even have a spare if you might want a deal on an unopened unit)
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    Towing an M3 with my LX470

    Make sure the trailer either has hydraulic brakes or you have a brake controller installed. Last time I used UHaul, they had hydraulic brakes on their trailers.
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    Another heater hose T thread

    Thanks for the heads up. Mine was basically mush and just waiting to fail. Pete
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    Urgent help: starter not cranking out, my alternator is Wonky but the battery's are at 13.8v

    Sounds like the started solenoid to me. Search on it, many threads.
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    Wanted 98-99 rear wiring harness for 100 series

    I found this great MUD link: 1995-1997 1FZ-FE FZJ80 OBD2 Main Engine Wiring Harness Connector Information and some of the connectors are available on ebay. I just need a list of the connectors I need to get more serious.
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    Wanted 98-99 rear wiring harness for 100 series

    Yes, American Toyota said that this part was NLA. I did find that at least one of the connector housings is available: Toyota Part No.: 90980-11087 though So now I need to chase down all the housing numbers for part numbers and then to get part numbers for the pins. Time to find an online...
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    Wanted  98-99 rear wiring harness for 100 series

    Hi, I'm looking for a rear wiring harness for a 98-99 100 series. I broke the grey electrical connectors behind the passenger rear wheel and need to repair or replace the wiring or minimally the connectors. Does anyone have the rear wiring available? Apparently the locker version is...
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    Big idiot checking in - OME Springs / Torsion Reindex

    braking shouldn't be affected by raising the car slightly. Hmmm. Is the front end diving down too much? New springs and stock shocks? Are the stock shocks perhaps worn out? I use Bilstein HDs and they are firm and controlled compared to the stock shocks. But I'm still at stock ride height.
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    Big idiot checking in - OME Springs / Torsion Reindex

    Alignment? Toe will likely change if you raise the front. That would lead to numb or unresponsive steering when going straight. Can you be more descriptive in your concerns about ride quality?
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    FOB programming mode help?

    OK Success! The trick appears to be to be in the early steps. Open the drivers door, close AND LOCK all the other doors with the switch and manually unlock the drivers door. Revised steps that worked for me: Program Remote Key: FSM sequence E (1998-2002) When doing any of these operations...
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    FOB programming mode help?

    Found this one: Indicates that you have to close and LOCK all the other doors before starting...
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    FOB programming mode help?

    nope. That plan is different with none of the lock/unlock steps. I suspect that is for a later model.
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    FOB programming mode help?

    Yes, I tried their instructions first and then a few other plans that are slightly different. This one above is slightly different as well. I'll try this one and report back. Seems more like a land cruiser issue so far as I can't get into the remote programming mode on the car rather than...
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    FOB programming mode help?

    Yes, I tried the RemotesRemotes instructions as well. The only difference I remember was the turn the key on twice instead of once. No better results though.
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    FOB programming mode help?

    Hi all, A family member lost a cruiser key so I bought a replacement on the web. The key cutting and chip work is all fine as the new key starts the car correctly. I can not for the life of me get the car to go into the FOB programming mode though to program the remote . Steps I am trying...
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    Gauging interest in a new tailgate cover

    Interested in a hard surface for the rear tailgate. Optionally to have the carpet attach on top? Pete
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    Need Ideas: Failed French homologation due to braking distance

    +1 on making sure the tire pressures are in spec or a little low. If that doesn't do it, upgrade the tires to some good street tires.
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    OEM wheel paint color

    I painted a set hyper silver set the Wurth wheel silver and then clear coated them. It was a pretty good match to the stock color. The Wurth silver paint is easy to find with a google search. Pete
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