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  1. YotaJosh

    Cruiser Corps and Cruiser Parts Still in business??

    Send your questions via email and your orders via their ecommerce websites. The world likes to operate asynchronous now days. You can gripe about it and stand your ground, but in the end you'll be left behind.
  2. YotaJosh

    5.3 Vortec AC - How to correctly setup a Chevy compressor to stock 60?

    That's what I'd use.
  3. YotaJosh

    5.3 Vortec AC - How to correctly setup a Chevy compressor to stock 60?

    I didn't. Made no difference to me. Edit: There is a wire to send the signal to the TBI ECM and it will idle it up for you. I don't remember which wire exactly. Any TBI wiring diagram should detail this wire.
  4. YotaJosh

    Front drive shaft photo request, 5.3/4L60E

    Here's the specs on my Tom Woods shaft.
  5. YotaJosh

    Front drive shaft photo request, 5.3/4L60E

    My pictures are in this post: FJ60 5.7l TBI to 5.3l LS Swap - I tried to get the stock driveshaft to clear, but I didn't want to beat the trans pan anymore. Not pictured or mentioned in my thread is...
  6. YotaJosh

    FJ60 5.7l TBI to 5.3l LS Swap

    I'm pretty sure these are what I used: Or, if you prefer Amazon:
  7. YotaJosh

    1987 FJ60 LS swap

    Sweet! Good luck, and reach out if you have any more questions. Being SOA will help your oil pan and front driveshaft clearance.
  8. YotaJosh

    LS3 Cruise Control

    I intend to get my CC system working eventually in my LS 5.3 swapped FJ60. Mine is DBW and from what I gather, it's pretty simple to get working since it's basically sending signals down the right wires. I plan to purchase this universal stalk, but I'm not 100% it will work, as it may be...
  9. YotaJosh

    Builds Custer’s Saggin’ Wagon Gets A Reboot

    My guesses are: less work to stick with the DBW setup, harder to convert a Gen IV LS to DBC, sourcing parts adds to swap costs, etc. Those were my reasons to stick with the DBW setup my motor came with.
  10. YotaJosh

    Vortec in-tank pump

    I'm running this one: Walbro Electric In-Tank Fuel Pumps GCA710-2 Which is the same one that the Tanks kits (that was linked in the post above) come with if I remember correctly.
  11. YotaJosh

    5.3 Vortec AC - How to correctly setup a Chevy compressor to stock 60?

    All I did was run the clutch energize wire from the FJ60 harness to the GM compressor (no need in going through the LS harness), and did the amplifier mod. My AC has worked great all summer. I believe all the pressure switches are handled within the AC unit under the dash. I do know that when...
  12. YotaJosh

    Old Man Emu "Popping" noise.

    I never knew this was such a common issue. My OME's have done this for a long time. Usually worse after they've been recently wet. I just labeled it "leaf spring noise" and kept an eye on things.
  13. YotaJosh

    Late-model FJ60 and FJ62 carpet and mats! June 1, 2018 update...

    Sorry if I missed this info between the 2 threads. Are the shifter holes precut, or do you need to do that yourself? My tcase shifter is in a different location.
  14. YotaJosh

    Sway bar upgrade - any ideas?

    1. Is happening soon. My bushings are toast. 2. I've got 5125 Bilsteins on there now. I think they are a little soft for this truck. I like the ride otherwise though. 3. Springs are in good shape. I'm going to tear them down and repaint and lube the sliding plates when I do the bushings. 4...
  15. YotaJosh

    Sway bar upgrade - any ideas?

    I've learned (as some of you probably have) that the factory sway bar on the front of the FJ60 is useless when you've got quite a bit of extra weight bolted on like I do - Trail Tailor roof rack, ARB front bumper with Warn 8274, 4x4Labs rear bumper, etc. I know that some people source a factory...
  16. YotaJosh

    TBI Set-Up for 2F FI - OEM or Aftermarket?

    Yes, all those parts will work. Expect to find an adapter plate (or fab one) to adapt the throttle body to your intake. And expect to tune the ECM or provide all the inputs needed to make it run well, or just sing "This little light of mine" and enjoy the warm glow of a check engine light. Then...
  17. YotaJosh

    FJ60 5.7l TBI to 5.3l LS Swap

    Sorry for the late reply. Notifications aren't working for some reason. I used this switch on the brake pedal: One set of terminals is for the FJ60 brake lights. The other set is for the TCC unlock. I ran 12V+ from the FJ60 ENGINE fuse to one terminal on the switch, and ran the other...
  18. YotaJosh

    FJ60 5.7l TBI to 5.3l LS Swap

    Possibly, but I'm not worried about it. It's no more restrictive than what a stock Chevy truck would be. And all the snorkel hoses and connections are 3", so I'd still be limited by that.
  19. YotaJosh

    FJ60 5.7l TBI to 5.3l LS Swap

    Time to follow up on my punchlist. :) Replaced it. My rebuilt box has a minor leak, and it still feels iffy from time to time. Probably going to source a better one in the future. So, that turned into a major ordeal. The bushing walked out and ruined the seal. Pretty common failure for a...
  20. YotaJosh

    FJ60 5.7l TBI to 5.3l LS Swap

    It's actually a rear shaft that was shortened back before I did the LS swap. Shorting a rear was cheaper than making the stock front longer. Kinda moot now, because it needs so much clearance at the trans pan, that I ran out of room inside the pan (filter is big and can't move). I got to wheel...
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