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  1. Dork

    Battery Type for Dual-Battery 1HDT?

    I just happened to go out for a drive today, so here's a picture of the relay thing. The plastic cover with a single Phillips hides it, the big red wires are in place of your original + wires.
  2. Dork

    Battery Type for Dual-Battery 1HDT?

    Most obvious, if you're second battery isn't already marked with warnings, is if you have a changeover/starter relay. It will be mounted beside the left side (USDS) battery. Your alternator and left battery wiring should go directly to it.
  3. Dork

    1995 HDJ81 1HD FT charging issue on cold start

    I'm gonna suggest the air intake heater as a place to look. There's no glow plugs on the hdft, it uses the intake heater screen thing that draws a TON of current, but stops after about 2 minutes or once the engine is warm. I measured mine at over 100A initially then settles at about 50-60A...
  4. Dork

    What Did You Do To Your Diesel Today (WDYDTYDT)

    Finished charging the batteries again for the 3rd time this year so I could go for a drive after doing front Ujoints. Coincidentally, I've only driven it 3 times this year. Got a pair of Odysseys that are going in, but I'm in the progress of making some battery boxes first. Soon, it will look...
  5. Dork

    HDJ81 Stock Dual Battery Questions

    Put all accessory wiring to the right hand battery (when facing forward). Drivers side on a rhd vehicle.
  6. Dork

    What is it? Pressure line coming from the center of the turbo crossover

    Acsd is Automatic Cold Start Device. Uses a thermowax doohicky on a small coolant loop to actuate an arm that adjusts your pump timing to idle nicer when cold. Most people remove it because after some time the pin can break off and cause damage to the injection pump guts. I removed mine...
  7. Dork

    What is it? Pressure line coming from the center of the turbo crossover

    With that line off you wouldn't get any increase in fuel to go along with your increased boost pressure.
  8. Dork

    HDJ81 Cruise Control Issues

    If the wiring adapter is hooked up, i can use cruise, but if i hit the turn signal it cancels, just like as if i pushed the brake. Then i can just set it again and it will work. I believe it's due to the cheapo adapter that "blends" the turn and brake signals into one light for the trailer is...
  9. Dork

    HDJ81 Cruise Control Issues

    Do you have a trailer wiring adapter installed? I found that anytime mine was connected to the light circuit it would cancel my cruise every time i used the turn signal. I now only plug the wiring adapter in when I'm going to pull a trailer.
  10. Dork

    removing 1hd-ft injectors

    There is a picture of it in the build thread that I linked, along with descriptions of most of what I was doing at the time. It was seriously just a bolt welded to the end of a piece of ready rod, a chunk of steel tube and a nut and washers.
  11. Dork

    removing 1hd-ft injectors

    I did my FT injectors two years ago, I was never able to find any relevant information to watch or read, they're not a terribly common engine. I followed the FSM and it all made sense as things were opened up. You can see what I posted about starting in this post of my build thread: Builds -...
  12. Dork

    Why I love my 80 HDFT turbo diesel

    In my HDFT, I've had best tanks of around 12.5L/100km, but that's when keeping it under 90kph. I'll normally be sitting more like 15L/100 in a city/highway mix. Google says those are 19mpg-15mpg numbers. That's with a lift and 315s to help ruin aerodynamics.
  13. Dork

    What extra sensor should I install for 1HD-FT?

    EGT. Every 5th or 6th thread in this forum will explain why.
  14. Dork

    hdj81 amplifier wiring question

    No! Connect it to the DRIVER'S/Right side of your jdm/RHD truck. Unless, for whatever reason, yours is set up backwards.
  15. Dork

    hdj81 amplifier wiring question

    Connect to the right side battery, same as all the 12v loads on the truck. Left hand battery can see 24v while starting, and that could spell disaster for your new stereo equipment.
  16. Dork

    1HD-FT Injectors

    I got mine serviced at a local diesel shop called GCL diesel. I printed a copy of the pages from the service manual for them, they followed those specs and ordered parts as needed. Truck's been running just fine since. Apparently it's not the impossible rocket science some folks here like to...
  17. Dork

    1HD-FT what EGT’s are ok for sustained climbs?

    I know I'm late to this party, but my probe is installed in my EGR blanking plate as well. I think temperatures change and fluctuate so much during operation that even if there was a difference, our simple human minds wouldn't catch it. To echo what others have said about temperatures...
  18. Dork

    1hdt cruising rmp

    I also sit at 120kph for hours on end, but I've got 35s and the auto so it's close to 2300rpm or so. I've also pulled trailers for hours on end spinning at 3000rpm with o/d off with no ill effects. :meh:
  19. Dork

    HDJ81 shaking badly when stopped in Drive, and reverse.

    Mine shakes pretty good at that low of rpm too. Smooths right out over 750. Not sure if the hdt is different, but the fsm spec for the hdft is 800rpm +/-50. I'd try just giving it some skinny pedal when in park, and if that helps adjust the idle to suit. Might be a free fix.
  20. Dork

    1HD-FT Glow Screen timer/max time for glow

    I haven't ever found an answer as to what they are SUPPOSED to pull, but I have been looking, as I believe mine to possibly not be working correctly. The intake heater in my 95hdj81 pulls up to 190A initially, but drops to around 130A after a handful of seconds, probably as the supply wire...
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