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  1. KYNate

    Sears David Bradley Trailer - 1940s, 50s, 60s?

    Bought this rusted old clap trap and gonna make it into my next camp trailer. Already ordered wheel adapters to fit the LC wheels(not the one pictured, but also from 100). Will start with some rust repair, trimming of fenders and recounting the leaf springs. Ultimately like to switch it over to...
  2. KYNate

    Late model 70 series receiver hitch

    Hey guys. Anybody able to point me in the right direction here? Looking for a (hopefully) bolt on receiver hitch for a 2016 70 series troopy. I am unable to find details online. I have tried Google and mud's search. I built a trailer that is going to West Africa and the Troopy thats to be used...
  3. KYNate

    Front Receiver Hitch

    Can anyone point me to photos of an early toyota 4x4 pickup with a front receiver hitch? Id like to weld in a receiver to the stock crossmember, with some extra support and gussets it looks like it should work. Just wondering what others had come up with before I begin cutting and welding.
  4. KYNate

    Expo East

    Anybody going to Expo East this November in Asheville? I'm considering going up early on Saturday and camping one night. Interested in caravanning (if the family goes) or carpooling (if they stay home).
  5. KYNate

    World Record Trailer Build

    Prepare to witness history being made. I am going to build this thing - start to finish - while wearing no other shoes besides my trusty Crocs! *edit* That was a terrible idea. Once my feet heal up, I'll make some progress and update.
  6. KYNate

    P0335 & P0340

    These codes came up yesterday with absolutely zero symptoms. As a "YouTube Certified Mechanic" I took to the internet. Extensive search didn't reveal much info. A call to the dealership to schedule timing belt - due anyway - said it was unlikely that both the crankshaft and camshaft position...
  7. KYNate

    ARB Wiring

    I'm having trouble figuring out where to plug in the wiring loom on my rear Arb modular bumper. It comes with a 6 prong quick connect, but I can't find any place to plug it in! Directions only say to plug it in on the right hand side. Anybody done this before that could lend some advice? Thanks...
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