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  1. rain76king

    2017 Fall Gathering shirts

    we owe some T-shirts to folks from this year’s FG. We also were reaching out to see if anyone was interested in extras from this year’s event. Also we were looking at taking this year’s logo and making it a sweatshirt if folks were interessted. If you have interest in extras or sweatshirts let...
  2. rain76king

    Sporin (Dave M) critical condition

    Hey guys, Just saw this on Facebook ------------------------------ Hi. This is Sara, Dave's wife posting. By now I think you all know that Dave has suffered some serious complications after a recent surgery and is in the hospital in critical condition. If you would like to follow my updates on...
  3. rain76king

    Joining/Renewing Yankee Toys 2018

    Joining/Renewing with Yankee Toys Contact - “Cruiser Parking Only” on our IH8Mud forum. Thanks for your interest!
  4. rain76king

    2016 Wheeling Schedule

    June 24-26th Southern NH July 30th Vermont August 13th Southern New Hampshire September 17th - Vermont run TBA October 7-9th - Fall Gathering - NH Field and Forest AKA Gretchen's For specifics see Yankee Toy's private forum.
  5. rain76king

    Private membership forum

    The private membership forum for Yankee Toys was created as a place where members could talk more openly about the trail locations, perspective trails to scout and things of that nature. It was also created to protect the trails we use. In the past we may use a name of a trail that might have...
  6. rain76king

    Fall Gathering Sponsors

    Poor Wally's Landcruiser Emporium. IronPig OffRoad Miami Offroad Welcome to Miami OffRoad 4WD LLC - Landcruiser Parts RockAuto RockAuto Auto Parts
  7. rain76king

    Fall Gathering Volunteer Thread

    Friday- Trails line up staging area set up. Trail leaders-Fri&Sat Need as many trail leaders as possible. I'm working on coming up with some decent maps and directions to make your trail leading experience as pain free as possible : ) Friday- Stock 1 - Class VI roads Stock plus - Swanzey...
  8. rain76king

    Fall Gathering Registration CLOSED

    We are excited to once again host this premier event in beautiful New Hampshire for a Columbus day weekend of off-roading and camping with your fellow Toyota owners and 4x4 enthusiasts 10/8-10/11 The Fall Gathering is an annual event that provides trails and obstacles for all drivers at all...
  9. rain76king

    Happy Birthday Mr. President

    happy birthday muthaFrickah!
  10. rain76king

    feliz cumpleaños Jr

    Happy birthday buen amigo. Ride on you loco gringo!
  11. rain76king

    For Sale  Inti 80 series roof rack (MA)

    Inti 80 series roof rack. Imported through Payara Offroad - I used it little, it's in good condition. They don't make these in Venezuela anymore due to politics and a lack of aluminum. Would like to see $1,000 for it. Not...
  12. rain76king

    Spring Meeting Roll Call

    Spring Meeting 5/3/14 1PM 70 Manselville Rd, Deering NH Trying to get an idea of how many folks we'll be expecting to get some numbers together for lunch. If you plan on making it for the meeting please post up and let us know if you're intending to stay the night as well. Will post up a...
  13. rain76king

    Spring Meeting

    Spring Meeting 5/3/14 70 Manselville Rd, Deering NH 1 PM Dave (Jr) has offered his place up. There's a barn for our meeting, the club will provide lunch and drinks. Bring your own chairs. There's a fire pit if the weather is nice and people want to hang out for a bit and a fantastic Chinese...
  14. rain76king

    NEA Meeting-Coverage needed

    Yankee Toys needs coverage for the 5/3 meeting NEA meeting in Winchendon, MA. Unfortunately this falls on the date of our Spring meeting as well. There's no further information on location but the meeting starts at 10am. Thanks, Bob
  15. rain76king

    2014 Schedule

    5/3/14 Spring Meeting Dave's Place 70 Manselville Rd Deering NH 1 pm (the summit will be rescheduled) 6/6-6/8 Field & Forest Hancock,NH Members only DETAILS: Great property with moderately hard to extreme trails. Bathhouse on property. Granted it's rustic but it serves it's purpose well. This...
  16. rain76king

    NEA Meeting

    The February 1st, 2014 BOD meeting will be hosted by Ocean State Jeepsters at: Crown Automotive Sales 230 Turnpike St (RT 138) Canton, MA 02021 The meeting starts at 10:00 am and lunch will be provided. Anybody with a food allergy or special diet requirements should contact the NEA.
  17. rain76king

    Future YT Leadership meeting

    There will be a meeting (time and location TBA) on 2/9/14 in the Worcester area in regards to the Club's future leadership. As many of you know I will be stepping out of my role as president no later than this Year's spring meeting. I have truly enjoyed my time getting to know the core...
  18. rain76king

    Iron Pig Free Shipping to Fall Gathering!

    Iron Pig is once again a huge sponsor this year. Even cooler than that though is they had such a blast last year they are heading north again for our event. Lance offered free shipping on goods to the Fall Gathering but had asked that they avoid shipping large powdercoated items to avoid...
  19. rain76king

    NEA coverage needed 11/2/13 F'n Important

    Hey guys, We need coverage on 11/2 for an NEA meeting in Freetown, MA. I will begoing to this because it's too close to Brianna's due date. It's important, it's VERY important that the club makes this meeting or we will be suspended from the NEA and lose all NEA properties for a period of...
  20. rain76king

    2013 Yankee Toys Fall Gathering 10/10-10/13

    Hey Fellow Toyota enthusiasts! I know it's a good haul up north bought thought I would let you all know - It's that time of year again for the 15th "Fall Gathering" held in beautiful Southern New Hampshire. The Fall Gathering has been a premier Toyota owner event established in 1999 here in...
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