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  1. Jorgito

    1hd-fte conversion in process

    There is a lot of wiring on the 100 , got all the loom from the dash + engine:
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  9. Jorgito

    1hd-fte conversion in process

    Hi, I am based in the Czech Republic, and yes there is none 1HD-FTE converted 80 over here. The engine is going into 1997 FZJ80 Land Cruiser, I have read about your conversion multiple times on here and on LCOOL and find it very usefull. There is also a very good Facebook group called 1HDFTE...
  10. Jorgito

    1hd-fte conversion in process

    Hi, you are right, the immobilizer and the matching key and ign barrel is needed, Jonathan from Australia also knows how to delete the immobilizer from the ECU but I will not be sending the ECU there.
  11. Jorgito

    1hd-fte conversion in process

    Scored running 1hd-fte from 2000 HDJ100 here in Europe, the price is 3500 USD, so far I have taken the following: Engine itself 4 speed auto with transfer case Spill valve control ECU and ECT for auto Engine harness Under bonnet harness Dash harness Pedal Already ordered: 1HD-FT (or 1HD-T ...
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  14. 1hd-fte conversion

    1hd-fte conversion

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  19. Jorgito

    Camper build

    Yes, that's the template. What I am not sure is how extrem fahrzeuge attached the frame to the body. Custom campers which is the fork of the innovation campers does it by enforcing the c pillar. I don't see any enforcement here. Here is the process of making the camper by extrem fahrzeuge...
  20. Jorgito

    Camper build

    This is the XPS panel I will be using for the walls : PANEL FIBRA DE POLIESTER + XPS - URO-CAMPER Nida honeycomb would be used on the floor: Panel Nido abeja + panel madera. - uro-camper
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