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  1. bcsteel

    Gun racks in 40’s, anyone have one?

    Looking to install a small gun rack in my 42 and need some ideas. Anyone have any? Thx guys.
  2. bcsteel

    Best hard shell RTT for rainy conditions

    Curious on thoughts here? What’s good and what’s not so good for more than average rainy and wet conditions? Also cooler than average conditions. I know nothing about these things but would like to put one on my bj42.
  3. bcsteel

    bj42 radiator

    Done lots of searching...1984 bj42 rad. power steering model, inlet/outlet on the driver side. filler on the pax side. mine is leaking. looking at 1000.00 for re core up here. An ebay aluminum rad is 200.00 any one running these long term and had success? Any other aluminum brands out there that...
  4. bcsteel

    SOR roof rack brackets any good?

    Did a search. So now I’m asking. Looking at doing a roof rack for my 42. There lots of brackets out there. SOR has some and since I’m ordering axle seals I figured why not order brackets as well. There are few other options that look just as good if not better but being in northern bc it’ll be...
  5. bcsteel

    Wanted Lhd bj70

    Looking for a bj70. I’d prefer a Canadian truck that’s in Canada. Pm for further details.
  6. bcsteel

    Rebuild brake master or go new oem?

    I’m on my third Napa brake master. Kept the original Toyota just in case the napa one turned out to be junk. They are junk...anyone had good success with rebuilding? Or just buy new aisin? This is a daily driver. Advice, thoughts?
  7. bcsteel

    Early FF axle seal question

    Currently setting up a 77 fj45 full float rear axel. With a cable locker. I’ve got the correct long splined short side axle but am trying to find the correct seal for the spindle nut or axle tube. The outside diameter of the new axel shaft is slightly smaller than the old axle shaft rendering...
  8. bcsteel

    70 series snorkel on a 42. (Passenger side, Can spec)

    Has anyone adapted this style of snorkel? I could build one but have a good line on a cheap one...this is an oem style from a 70.
  9. bcsteel

    Wanted 40 series outer door handles, late model 79/84

    Looking for both sides of outer front door handles. Shipping to Terrace, BC, Canada.
  10. bcsteel

    Wanted 1984 bj42 U bolt flip kit

    Looking for the above for both front and rear axles. Just seeing what’s out there before I start scratching parts together. Located in Terrace, BC, Canada so would have to be shipped. Pm for a postal code. Thanks
  11. bcsteel

    Hanging factory doors on aqualu cowl

    What’s the consensus on this? Are you guys using the supplied bracket? If so is that holding up over time or has anyone gone for a more factory type install with bar stock and the original brackets mounted to the pillar? I’m leaning on doing it this way but would like to here input on the aqualu...
  12. bcsteel

    More aqualu cowl questions 1984 bj42.

    So, got everything transposed from the original cowl to new. Used drafting paper a light and a razor blade to make a template that I transferred onto the new cowl, I’d like to cut this as clean as possible (obviously) my plan is drill out corners then die grind the straight edges. I’m not always...
  13. bcsteel

    Aqualu hardware tech questions.

    Okay, So I’ve got a rolling chassis mostly completed, just waiting on parts for the time being. I’ve got a full aqualu tub/cowl in the mail and want to get things rolling for the fit and finishing aspect. At this point I’m thinking of a bunch of different stainless kits from overland metric...
  14. bcsteel

    Wanted 1983 bj42 24 volt radio

    As it reads above. Looking for this for a restoration. Will need to be shipped to kitimat bc, Canada. Posting this for a friend. Pm me if you have anything
  15. bcsteel

    Wanted 24 volt radio for an 83/84 bj42

    looking for the above a 1983 bj42 24 volt radio for a 1983 restoration. Located in Terrace, BC Canada. For shipping purposes. Thanks
  16. bcsteel

    45 full floater question to bj42

    Hey Guys, Question for you in the know. Is a 45 ff axel adaptable to a bj42 drum style parking brake? I’ve got brand new correct backing plates and for my 42. Would like to go to a ff if possible. 70 series is an option but not a lot available up here anymore. Any info would be great.
  17. bcsteel

    Tundra steelies on a bj42?

    Anyone running these? If so any issues with fit? Spacers? I’m talking about these rims in the pic above which I borrowed from google. Thanks
  18. bcsteel

    1984 bj42 3b coolant and random pictures etc.

    Just in the process of a complete tear down of an 84 bj42. Located in northern B.C., long story long I’ve sent all body parts to paint except for tub which I’m still shopping for. Dismantling the mechanical now, battery trays and just got the rad out. After draining the coolant it’s looking...
  19. bcsteel

    Wanted Wanted: bj42 hardtop visor

    As title says. Looking for the piece that rivets to the hard top and then bots to the wind screen. I know CCOT makes them I just figured I might get lucky here first. My truck is an 1984 bj42. Would need to be shipped to Terrace, BC. Thanks.
  20. bcsteel

    Wanted looking for a tub for a 84 bj42

    Hey, just exploring my options before i pull the trigger on an aqualu tub. Ive got an 84 with a badly rusted tub and am testing the waters to see whats kicking around. located in bc canada. pm me if you have anything interesting. thanks
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