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    Why ?!?

    Check this out.
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    What are you eating now?

    I like to make cheeseburgers spicy. Bought this at the PDX hou sauce expo Ignition Point- Test Batch Pepper Extract
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    Holy mother of...

    I think the whales around here have gotten wise to my pokin sticks. Haven't poked a dead whale in a while.
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    Holy mother of...

    Story of my life
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    Holy mother of...

    Just like fiberglass
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    Holy mother of...

    Political stab -ruggy
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    Has anyone blown a tranny in the middle of nowhere?

    If she is hot.... f*** it.
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    alphabet game

    Irritated initially. Intented on irrational interviews. Weiner.
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    It's as hot as....

    It's as hot as Samantha Fox wearing a ghost pepper bikini. Now u go.
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    TNT 2017

    hold on a sec .... Yep, I have nothing to contribute.
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    TNT 2017

    I have nothing to contribute.
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    TNT 2017

    I have nothing to contribute :flipoff2:
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    TNT 2017

    . OK will do, we should start having regular Friday gigs at the Skyline bar. Band is called Whiskey Achievers. I'm new so it's gonna take a few more else till I learn all their songs.
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    TNT 2017

    I joined a new band, and these days I'm staying local. (Portland) Been working on lots of hot rods, lots of Toyota's too. Life is good :)
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    Do's and Don'ts of a 22r rebuild? ? ?

    I just replaced my leaking valve stem seals. Had the head off about 100K miles ago. I had used a felpro gasket. Never had a problem. But I could see where it appeared to be delaminating around the combustion ring on cylinder 4. Overall I have been pleased. I had a stock head gasket laying around...
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    TNT 2017

    I have nothing to contribute.
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    LED headlight conversion bulbs

    I am running hella e codes. And putco LEDs. There is way too much light going to the left, so I'm gonna swap out the left headlight for a dot code hella. The lights are on an incredibly new level of bright. Best investment in lights I've made Stock wires, no upgrades. Only thing that's...
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    so, I entered a contest to become a Co-Driver in a desert rally . . .

    I love eating cheeseburgers. I would be content if I won that challenge and was rewarded with 3 giant cheeseburgers
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