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  1. PeeZed

    For Sale Vancouver Island (Canada).

    60 Series Center Consoles. 1. 3 switches. Faded cover. No cracks. Sctraches present. Solid condition. $200 (CAD) 2. 1 switch. Cup holders on side. One console screw hole cracked inside. Scratches present. Solid condition. $175 (CAD) Shipping is 100% buyers responsibility.
  2. PeeZed

    ISO (In Search Of)...

    Starting this thread as it’s an “I’m looking for stuff” thread so people don’t have to wade through the buy/sell to find someone looking for something. ISO: 2 or 3 or 4 ... 16” Steelies 6x5.5. That’ll hold 285/75/16 MT’s (32x11) ish. Need for trailer build. 2 min. I have four tires so having...
  3. PeeZed

    Off Road Camping Trailer Build (Aluminum)

    Well, after two years of gathering parts and pieces, I’ve finally committed myself to building an off road trailer. Although slightly taller than many of the off road trailer being built today, I think it will function well for our family with the bit of extra space. I’m still not 100% sure...
  4. PeeZed

    VI to Edmonton and back in BJ74

    I have three best buddies from high school and we’re all turning 40 within a year of each other and so we figured we’d do a single get together to celebrate in Edmonton where one of them lives. The BJ74 will be the transport vehicle. All 120hp of the 13BT coupled with the autoslushbox will be...
  5. PeeZed

    Wiper Motor Internals (hi is slow...)

    Hey guys. 1989 BJ74. 24v. RHD. Wiper motor works fine in intermittent and low speeds. When I put it to “hi” it works but goes slightly slower than “low” speed. Took it apart and the brushes look to have life left in them. The other internal part where the switching mechanism has tabs...
  6. PeeZed

    For Sale Emergency Warning Reflector

    In very good used condition. These are selling used on EBay by others for $350 (Toyota OEM Warning Reflector Emergency Triangle NOS Fj40/45 Bj40/45 Very RARE | eBay) First $200 USD gets it, plus shipping from Canada. E-Transfer will be best. NOTE: THIS IS LOCATED IN CANADA AND WILL COST...
  7. PeeZed

    RADD Cruiser Used Parts Purge #1

    Ladies and Gentlesirs... I am officially in charge of liquidating John's used parts container and it WILL be empty by mid-April. This is located at the old RADD Cruisers lot in Duncan. For this first purge, all of the EXTERIOR BODY PIECES (doors, hoods, windows, bumpers, tire carriers...
  8. PeeZed

    Family Day Rip?

    Hey Folks. I'm hoping to get out on Family Day to do some exploring. I really haven't been out much at all and I really need to get to know my backyard a lot better! I'd really like to check out that place with the murals (Jordan River???). But just want to get out and stretch the 74's legs...
  9. PeeZed

    Triple Gauges???

    Hey folks, I'm considering biting the bullet and getting triple gauges for the rig. Pyro, Boost, Trans Temp. What are your experiences with brands and styles? Glowshift makes a 3-in-1 gauge that's intriguing, but doesn't have great reviews. Will my 24v system limit what I can use? Looking...
  10. PeeZed

    For Sale 70 Series Windshield Frame Lower Repair Pieces (BC, Canada)

    I have a two-stage set of custom fabricated lower windshield frame repair pieces for a 70 series. I had two sets made but only needed one so this set is for sale. These are perfectly bent to the contour of the OEM frame. You will need to cut and weld to fit it to your windshield frame as...
  11. PeeZed

    Windshield Frame Repair

    Greetings folks. Like many others, my lower windshield frame was rotted out and simply couldn't afford the $800USD to buy a whole new frame. So I had a local sheet metal place custom manufacture and bend a two-piece repair. The front piece is essentially a "J" whereby you cut about an inch...
  12. PeeZed

    70 Series Lower Windshield Frame Replacement

    Good morning folks, I am getting a local sheet metal fabrication shop to make up a 2pc replacement section for my lower windshield frame on my 1989 BJ74. Mine is completely rusted out, but what's interesting is that just past the obvious rust everything still looks OEM! So, it's worth...
  13. PeeZed

    "Rusty Rockers" BJ74 Daily.

    Been driving this for over six months now and I'm really enjoying it. There are lots of little things I'd like to eventually get done on this to make it more bush worthy, but for now (summer) I'm concentrating on the rust. After my previous body swap and restoration of the BJ60, what I've...
  14. PeeZed

    Mt Bolduc 2017 (May 26th Ladies Retreat Chaperones Needed)!

    Hey folks. That time of year again. If you'd like to join me in chaperoning a group of women on a run up Mt. Bolduc on May 17th for our Women's Outdoor Adventure Camp that would be sweet. Probably 2-3 rigs would be sufficient. We will be leaving our site (Camp Imadene) at
  15. PeeZed

    70 Series Tan Color(s)

    Hey folks, After the meetup last night I went online looking at 70 stuff and considering that I have some rust spots to deal with I thought about re painting my BJ74 after the body work is done. I really like the tan color with black accents, especially on the 70's for some reason. Anyone...
  16. PeeZed

    BJ74...looking for a few parts and pieces.

    Howdy folks, Picked up this '89 BJ74 from John @ RADD a few weeks ago now. Hoping to deal with the few rust spots in the spring/summer/fall this year, but other than that she seems like a nice rig, notwithstanding the things below that I'm hoping to find in the nearish future. 1. Running...
  17. PeeZed

    Friend looking for a Rig...$12,000 Tops.

    I got a buddy looking for a rig to get him up the mountain and into the back country. $12,000 top price range NO RHD NO JEEPS NO 3slow powered 4-Runners...other 4-runners could work. NO Projects 4 door Needs to be Daily Driverable. Gas or Diesel...doesn't matter. Anybody got anything?
  18. PeeZed

    BJ60 Rear Under-Seat Heater (No Power)

    Hey Folks, Ever since I did my body swap my rear heater does not have power. I'm sure I've just not plugged something in or something silly like that, but I've listed the truck for sale and this is one outstanding issue that I'd like to resolve for the next owner. I do not have any power at...
  19. PeeZed

    Selling my 60/61

    Hey guys, I know I listed this to see if there would be interest with the full Toyota taxes applied, but it seems no one wants to pay for the unique restoration I'm biting the bullet here and willing to go as low as I'm able so that our family can begin fresh with other more...
  20. PeeZed

    For Sale BJ60/HJ61 Rare LHD High Roof! (Vancouver Island, BC, Canada)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! Custom, rare, completely restored Bj60 (running gear and frame) with an HJ61 High Roof body. This project involved swapping a RHD body onto a LHD chassis. Essentially I swapped firewalls...every spot weld removed from each firewall, swapped, and re-fitted into place. This...
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