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  1. KLF

    Removing the shark fin antenna

    We all know the satellite reception in these trucks is terrible. I tried it a few times when I was still under the 3 month trial, and found it unusable. Lots of skipping even in clear unobstructed highway areas. I have no use for Sirius XM and will never subscribe, ever. So a thought occurred...
  2. KLF

    Dual battery setup questions

    Now that my rear bumper is pretty much done (for now), moving on to adding electrical goodies but I want to start at the sources first, get the foundation built, before I add any wiring. That means the dual battery system is next. I did a lot of searching here and on Expo Portal on wiring up the...
  3. KLF

    Rear parking sensor issue, RLC bumper

    Hoping someone has come across this and has a solution. I bought a very slightly used RLC rear bumper that was originally fitted to an '09 200-series, had it shipped to Main Line Overland up here in NH. I am not comfortable mounting the thing by myself, and I wanted them to deal with cutting...
  4. KLF

    Corsetti Cruisers

    I did a search, can't find anything, so posting this here since it's all about wagons. Pretty cool episode on Leno's Garage with several wagons. Nice work. Wondering if this fellow is on MUD?
  5. KLF

    Kawasaki Jet Mate

    Hoping some of the more boat-savvy people here will be able to give me some info/help. Cliff notes: wife saw this on the side of the road, thought it looked cool, had it delivered. No research, no discussion, just bought it. 1989 Kawasaki Jet Mate. Very good condition. 650cc 2-stroke...
  6. KLF

    DIY mini-split system

    I'm in the final stages of renovating our camp on the lake, it's actually an old 40' long travel trailer from the 50's that now has full 2x4 walls, a rafter roof, loft, and real windows and sliding doors. The old original oil furnace was pretty scary, so out it came, which exposed rotted and oil...
  7. KLF

    OEM hand throttle

    Surely somebody here can use this. I posted this in Classifieds months ago and got no hits. I just think mini-truck parts get lost among the Cruiser stuff. So I'm posting here, hoping I'm not breaking the rules. Delete if I am. For Sale - Rare mini-truck OEM hand throttle This thing is sitting...
  8. KLF

    Order of projects on house

    Need to get several projects done on the house, this is the year. House was built in '95, cedar beveled siding over OSB with painted pine trim. Not sure on the order to do the projects. Need to: * replace exterior trim around some of the windows * pull siding off side of garage, find leak...
  9. KLF

    SOLD TRD 8" e-locker, ready for regear

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a TRD rear electric locker, not sure if it's from a Tacoma or 4Runner, can't remember the age either. I bought it as a spare years ago in case anything ever went wrong with the one I had in the back of my mini, but never needed it. The front pinion bearing was bad when I...
  10. KLF

    Can you guess what this is for?

    Too quiet around here lately. I was doing some work in the garage today and found this. This is an SST I made for working on my 22RE. Can you figure out what it does? It's about 18" long. Oh yeah, I also found a pair of original OEM wiper blades from my pickup. Has the TEQ stamp on them...
  11. KLF

    SOLD Two TRD Rock Warrior wheels (will split)

    I found a guy in western NY that was selling Rock Warriors, I bought one for my spare. He has 2 more left to get rid of. Mine arrived today, excellent condition and fast shipping. Price is $250 ea + shipping, which was $40 for me, USPS and I had it in 2 days. Includes center caps but no TPMS...
  12. KLF

    Wanted One TRD Rock Warrior wheel

    Need one rim for the spare in my 200 series.
  13. KLF

    Upgrade in the fleet

    I bought my '11 LC last May with 108K miles, and I love love love the thing now. But, for the past few months I've been thinking I wished I had bought something a little newer and with fewer miles. I did a thorough baseline on it over last Summer, and now I'm starting on making more permanent...
  14. KLF


    Wondering if anybody has any experience with these? Looks like a great solution for a lot of work when you don't have room for a real 2-post list. BL-7000EXT Extended Length Portable Car Lift by QuickJack I'll need to take some measurements, but seems like it should be able to handle a...
  15. KLF

    Wanted 22RE exhaust manifold

    Son needs a stock exhaust manifold for his '87 4Runner. PM if you have something.
  16. KLF

    Oil change WTF

    I hit 5000 miles and 8 months this weekend since my last oil change, so I figured I'd take advantage of the mild temps to do a change today, since I had everything at home to do it. Last change was in May, 109200 miles, first one oil change for me, as soon as I got it home. New OEM filter and...
  17. KLF

    SOLD Rare mini-truck OEM hand throttle

    Found this in a box of parts, don't need it anymore. This is a gas pedal and hand throttle combo from a RHD mini-truck, and a spare gas pedal from a domestic LHD mini, both in the '84-88 era. A friend living in AUS sent me the RHD one many years ago, I guess many trucks down there have it...
  18. KLF

    Trail tool kit for ATV

    I know there's an ATV section, but very little activity there, so I'm trying here. My Step-son has a Honda Pioneer 1000 side-by-side, just got it this Spring. They use it often, there are tons of trails within 1/4 mile to their house. I'm concerned that they don't carry any tools or repair...
  19. KLF

    Transmission concerns

    Having weird behavior with my '11 200 series. 110K miles. Yesterday on my commute home, driving up a slight hill about 45 mph, suddenly the truck acted like it was stuck in gear, trying to shift, stuttering for about 10 seconds. I let off the gas and it went away, then got on the gas and it was...
  20. KLF

    SOLD 1987 Toyota Xtra cab, resto-mod, NH

    *** SOLD *** SOLD *** SOLD *** SOLD *** Can't believe I'm doing this, but here goes. Up for sale is my beloved 1987 Toyota SR5 Xtra cab pickup. I have owned this truck for 15 years and it has been a great truck, but it is time for me to pass it on. It breaks my heart to sell it, but other...
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