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  1. Stuckinthe80s

    SOLD 80 series Prinsu Roof Rack

    80 series Prinsu Roof Rack with 40" cutout in the wind deflector for LED. I'll post some pics if requested. $750 located in the Denver area. I'm willing to ship but on the buyer's dime. I'll be at Cruise Moab this year if you want to pick it up there. Thanks, Nic
  2. Stuckinthe80s

    SOLD 30 mm Spring Spacers

    Barely used set in excellent condition. I bought these and only had them on the 100 for a few months until I got some lift springs. $65 shipped anywhere in the continental US. Thanks, Nic
  3. Stuckinthe80s

    SOLD Land Cruiser Grilles 100 series Grill

    I bought this from Kelly and HIH8 but have never installed it. I gave him $250 for it so that's what I'd like to get out of it. Shipping will be extra. However, if you're willing to wait, I'll be at CM2019 and HIH9 this year so I can bring it along. The picture is off of his website and is...
  4. Stuckinthe80s

    Official Cruise Moab 2019 Thread

    Hello Hello! There has been some chatter on the different forums about Cruise Moab 2019 but this will be the official thread to keep you informed with all of the juicy bits of info pertaining to this most revered event! Dates First, the official dates of next year's event are: Tuesday, April...
  5. Stuckinthe80s

    For Sale OME Stock Height Replacement Springs with Toyota OEM Shocks

    I have a set of OME Stock Height replacement springs with OEM Toyota brand shocks with less than 15k miles on everything. These were rarely ever off road and were not flexed hard at all. Will include an OME steering stabilizer as well. Just for clarity: 4 - OME stock height springs 4 - Toyota...
  6. Stuckinthe80s

    Possible move to Denver area; opinions welcome

    So I'm flying out to the Denver area for the last step in the interview process and unless I totally screw it up, I'm probably going to get an offer. Although I've been to the Denver area many times and I love visiting, I need some opinions about living there. I've been dreaming about...
  7. Stuckinthe80s

    Interior Firewall Insulation Pad Thingy

    Maybe I'm not typing in the right words but I've tried everything I can think of in the search and on Google and still I've found nothing: 1. firewall insulation 2. firewall pad 3. interior firewall pad 4. front floor insulation You get the idea.... Can somebody please help me with the proper...
  8. Stuckinthe80s

    Sound Deadener Removal

    By no means do I want to lay claim to this idea, but I did want to show an example of it being done on an 80. In preparation for lining the interior floor of my rig I thought it best to remove the sound deadener material beforehand. At first I tried a heat gun and a heavy duty scraper...
  9. Stuckinthe80s

    5.3 / NV4500 / split case

    I've searched and searched using this search feature and google and I can't find a single example o anyone doing this combo for a drivetrain swap. "Because you should keep it Toyota" isn't the answer I'm looking for. Can anybody chime in on why this isn't a popular swap on 80 series? I see...
  10. Stuckinthe80s

    Hi from noob...

    Hello to everybody from long time lurker, newly registered member. I don't have an 80 yet but I'm in a highly motivated search for one. A slightly modified 86 4runner was my previous Toy but with 2 kids it just wasn't enough anymore. It is sorely missed but I know I'm really going to enjoy...
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