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  1. GeologistFelix

    For Sale 2F EFI Fuel Injection kit - NC

    Ok, looks like I have a little more research to do, I'll let you know if it sounds like a good prospect for my project!
  2. GeologistFelix

    FJ60 manifold-to-downpipe gasket part #?

    Awesome, thanks!
  3. GeologistFelix

    For Sale 2F EFI Fuel Injection kit - NC

    Just to be clear, does this kit require a bung in your exhaust for the O2 sensor? And do you know if it works with the stock FJ60 electronic distributor? I may be interested, but it really depends on how much work and how many extra parts it would take to get this setup working on my FJ60.
  4. GeologistFelix

    FJ60 manifold-to-downpipe gasket part #?

    My google-fu isn't getting me any useful results, so I thought I'd save a lot of time and just ask... Ok, so, I need a new manifold-to-downpipe gasket for a 12/85 FJ60 with the regular 'ol 3-stud flange and stock manifold and downpipe. I already found a set of new nuts/studs, but I can't find a...
  5. GeologistFelix

    Custom iPad in Dash FJ62

    Here's a thought: hard-mount a high quality tablet mount on the dash rather than permanently putting a rectangular hole in the dash. Advantages: - You can easily swap in a different/newer/etc tablet if the original dies/gets stupidly slow with a new OS update/etc., and you don't want to be...
  6. GeologistFelix

    Removable ECM

    To be fair, based on the original poster's signature, it's a '62 we're talking about, which does have an ECU. That said, your engine is going to run like crap if you're only ever driving with the ECU in learn-mode because you've reset it every time you parked. Probably doesn't bother the honda...
  7. GeologistFelix

    Which 60s Starter would you buy???

    When mine started going bad (turned out to be the mechanical clutch on the gear that engages the flywheel), I tried a regular rebuild (i.e. just replace all the contacts), and ended up grabbing a core from TorFab for like $30, and putting the fresh contacts in there. It starts almost like a new...
  8. GeologistFelix

    SOLD Colorado 1988 BJ71 LHD 13B-T SOLD

    Wish I had about $8400 more in my budget right now. This thing might look a little goofy (I actually like it better than all the bone-stock-with-giant-Toyota-factory-PTO-winch-bumper-and-tons-of-chrome JDM troopies that go for $30k), but for $8500 I bet it would be a lot more fun than a...
  9. GeologistFelix

    Camping with your 60/62 thread.... ready go:

    Basecamp here: Got us to our hike-in spot here: Which got us within a grueling day-hike of here: Imgur Which looks like this in the opposite direction: Imgur (In order: Alpine Meadows Campground on the Chiwawa River near Lake Wenatchee, WA; Spider Meadow, and Spider Glacier)
  10. GeologistFelix

    HAC System Effectiveness

    3200 RPMs with 33s and stock transmission/t-case/axle gears should be ~85 mph actual speed, and ~75 on the speedo. 33s are about 15% larger in diameter than the stock 235s, so your speedo is consistently showing a speed 15% slower than you're actually going. (Apologies if you've already...
  11. GeologistFelix

    Perfect example of why our all analog land cruisers are awesome :)

    Exactly! Considering that all the Nippon-Denso starters are next to identical internally, I bet there's one you could lightly mod (maybe just swap the gear that engages the flywheel?) to fit a cruiser engine...
  12. GeologistFelix

    Perfect example of why our all analog land cruisers are awesome :)

    Hm, does anyone make a compressed air starter for the 3B (or 2H/12H-T/1HZ for that matter)? If you had a schrader valve on the tank for your OBA, I bet ten minutes with a bike pump would be a lot more reliable than trying to push the cruiser up a hill for a bump start. That said, I wonder what...
  13. GeologistFelix

    HAC System Effectiveness

    Ok, so, a little train of thought I just went through: First, some facts: 1. HAC both advances timing and leans out the air/fuel mixture by letting extra air past the throttle through the port on the carb. 2. Richer fuel mix reduces combustion temperature, which in turn reduces pre-detonation...
  14. GeologistFelix


    Pros: if your original parts are damaged/worn out/otherwise not working properly, it'll run a lot better without them, and it costs a lot less than replacing them. Arguably also slightly increases power, but I think that's 99.9% when compared to a grungy carburetor, a ton of vacuum leaks, etc...
  15. GeologistFelix

    For Sale 4x4 Labs Rear Bumper For FJ60 w/ Tire Carrier and Ladder (Great Condition)

    Betcha it won't, hence the seller wanting to sell it and build a new one for his 60 body/80 frame hybrid build. With the rear quarter protection on this bumper, the odds of it looking anywhere close to right on an 80 body are basically zero, even with the frame mounts cut/rewelded to make it...
  16. GeologistFelix

    For Sale 16x7 OEM Toyota Steel Wheels w/ 255/85/16 Cooper ST | $500

    For people who think in backspacing and not offset, a 15mm offset on a 7" wheel is a 4.59" backspace, which means it probably won't fit on a 60-series or older front axle without spacers.
  17. GeologistFelix

    Carburated 3F failed emissions...

    The cat will help with all of those...burns off excess NO, CO, and HC in the exhaust. If that doesn't get you passig numbers, along with tuning everything, maybe look into running a high percentage of ethanol (add a bottle of HEET to a mostly-empty tank?) for the test. EDIT: those high nitrogen...
  18. GeologistFelix

    CycleShell as a tent / RTT

    Totally reasonable! It also looks like the fancy tent cots I was thinking of are running north of $200-250 now, too. Definitely worth checking this out.
  19. GeologistFelix

    Need 2F “secondary air pipe”

    Considering the low pressure the smog pump operates at (maybe 10 PSI?), I'm curious if you could replicate the function of the air rail with some high-temp silicone hose (in two sizes, just like the metal tube of the rail), with some appropriately sized barbs, elbows, and tees, and then cut off...
  20. GeologistFelix

    CycleShell as a tent / RTT

    For ~$300, you could get a pretty nice tent cot, a 'good enough for car camping' sleeping bag, and at least one case of beer, and it would already have doors/windows.
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