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  1. Martyt

    Have opportunity ?

    funny thread
  2. Martyt

    Noobie 71 FJ 40

    Flip the bezel
  3. Martyt

    Paint and some rust repair cost FJ40

    Pictures would help.
  4. Martyt

    Winch Restoration

    Happy to see you undertake this project buddy. Am curious what John ( @Living in the Past) would think of the minimum fixes would be to have an operable, reasonably reliable winch without a lot of brain damage.
  5. Martyt

    Opinion on Price - 74 FJ40

    Hard to give opinion based on limited info above but in CA that would not be insane price for a running 40– I have seen worse examples sold for more (and yours is not horrible by any means). The no top, among other things, would very much bother me but only because it is not a FST (and I prefer...
  6. Martyt

    Looking for Ragingmatt

    Matt stays up so late— I always tell him to at least get 5 hours of sleep to keep your defenses up!
  7. Martyt

    Name of this 40s

  8. Martyt

    1972 RHD FJ40 - column shift ? barn doors ? 3 lines on dash ?

    Gauge cluster reminds me of USS Enterprise bridge from the original TV series (circa 67’).
  9. Martyt

    Thoughts on this 69

    My May, 69 is original and has rectangular turn signals— I thought the round ones were for pre 69 40s. Also, is that an 1F engine? BTW, I would stay far away from this one for all the reasons mentioned above.
  10. Martyt

    2F vs V8

    Man, talk about resuscitating an old post. I like the old in line 6 tractor engines—of course, I love my 3 on the tree as well— maybe just like original old school— but that’s just me
  11. Martyt

    Bought my first 40! 36k mi 1974 FST.

    Bezel police were asleep at the proverbial switch!!
  12. Martyt

    Factory tailgate

    Interesting read— I wonder when the switch was made to tailgate only? Also I see a grab bar on the 62’ and it looks OEM
  13. Martyt

    Factory tailgate

    I love my FST (never cared for the hardtop look but that’s just me)—-I thought all FSTs came with a tailgate except some of the non US ones. For 69 US models at least they came with tailgate, safety loop and canvas strap and Vader light. Am not sure if they are worth more but they are rarer I...
  14. Martyt

    What year?

    Frame is big issue— that has to be verified first in my view relative to condition. I like the rig and the color btw.
  15. Martyt

    New Member--Glad I found this Site!

    Just looking at my first thread on this Forum and reminiscing. I can't say enough how great you guys are--so much collective knowledge on this Forum and lots of laughs along the way. I love my 40 and drive it as often as I can. As my first post said, glad I found the site!
  16. Martyt

    Winch Restoration

    That is Hilarious!!!!!!
  17. Martyt

    Considering this 1974 -looking for opinions

    Great now the famous Maryland resident @RAGINGMATT will have to chime in
  18. Martyt

    Bought my first 40! 36k mi 1974 FST.

    Love FSTs— I run SuperTraxions and given San Diego’s usual good weather— I keep doors off, top less but with bows on—I like the safari look
  19. Martyt

    It will buff out (What do do with junk FJ?)

    In my view, I would not mess with piece meal parting out— I mean, how much is your time worth? I would sell it as a complete unit and be done with it— just my opinion of course (of course how could it not).
  20. Martyt

    Power steering or no?

    My 69 handles fine without it; of course I am running stock type tires.
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