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  1. TWillz

    Sonar / Park assist issue

    I recently started getting a loud beeping along with an error message on the info screen and nav screen that says "check sonar", and shows the front passenger's corner highlighted. I did a search on the forum but can't find any mention of this error or what could be causing it. My truck hasn't...
  2. TWillz

    Windshield Installer Recommendation - Northern IL

    Just got off the phone with Geico and they agreed to replace my cracked windshield with an OEM/Lexus one. Now I just need to find a good installer that isn't Safelite. Anyone had luck with an installer in Chicagoland/Northern IL they can recommend? Any help appreciated!
  3. TWillz

    Low cost bluetooth install for '08-'09 LX 570

    Figured I would share my cheap method for adding Bluetooth to my '09 LX which sadly was not included from the factory. I don't like to see cables running everywhere and I didn't want to drop a bunch of money into a Vaistech or tear into my dash, so I tried a few different options before coming...
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