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  1. Martyt

    Wanted CA: WTB Defroster ("Def") Knob for 69' Fj40 front heater

    My mechanic lost my "Def" knob that goes on my front heater--irritating since @RAGINGMATT did such a nice job refinishing it for me. Anyway, if you have one let me know--will buy it and have you ship it to Matt to refinish for me. thx. Martin
  2. Martyt

    Wanted FST Door Safety Straps (69' FJ40)

    I know SOR sells reproductions but I am wanting to buy OEM straps. thx. Martin
  3. Martyt

    Wanted FST Outside Door handles for 69FJ40

    I have left a PM with AntFJ who made reproductions but let me know if anyone has 2 OEM FST outside door handles for a 69' FJ40 FST. The ones I have on now are chrome (and they work fine) and were modified from hard door handles, but I would prefer originals. Thanks in advance. Martin
  4. Martyt

    Wanted Choke Cable for 69’ FJ40

    I am looking for the choke knob and cable for a 69’ FJ40. See pix below. I actually have the correct one in my rig now — I want to buy another one to send to @RAGINGMATT for him to refinish and am trying to avoid downtime on the use of my rig in the meantime. If you have one, send me pix and...
  5. Martyt

    Wanted Red Hoses for my 69FST 40

    I am looking for original reddish color hoses that you would have seen if you opened up the hood of a 69 FJ40 in 1969. A couple are PVC hoses--a short one from air cleaner to top of valve cover. Anther one from the carb base to the oil filler. Finally, one of the water hoses that loops...
  6. Martyt

    Wanted FST Door Plexiglass Pull Bracket FOUND!!

    I am looking for one of the brackets in the picture. It goes under the plexiglass and has a pull tab to move window up and down. Thanks in advance! Martin
  7. Martyt

    eBay Soft top bows

    Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40/BJ40 Soft top frame original | eBay Just saw Ebay ad for OEM soft top bow I have one already but price is a bargain if someone needs one—$600 current bid with $800 buy it now price plus $100 shipping
  8. Martyt

    Wanted Clutch Slave Bolt

    Am looking for bolt “X” listed in the pix. It is for a 1969 FJ 40 with factory engine and column 3 speed. It has 2 male ends. One end bolts to the forward clutch slave mounting hole. The other end of it, after passing through a bell crank, bolts on other side. The pix is from SOR website and...
  9. Martyt

    Clutch Slave PITA

    So, replacing clutch slave and, of course, everything is not going according to plan. Funny how 50 year old nuts are happy to remain in the same place. Ignore pictures and this post for that matter--I had a question but solved it. m
  10. Martyt

    1969 FJ40 Clutch Slave Cylinder

    My clutch slave cylinder is leaking, I was doing some shopping on the internet and I can't find the Aisin replacement for my year--is it discontinued? I did see an aftermarket one made by Dorman--would that be acceptable? Thanks in advance for your input/advice. Martin
  11. Martyt

    Wanted Original Side Mirrors for 5/69 FJ40 FST

    Am looking for original, factory correct, side mirrors for my 69' FST. I bought an aftermarket pair but am really looking for an original set. If you have a set, please post a pix as i would like to have @Living in the Past or other knowledgeable person confirm that your set is correct. I...
  12. Martyt

    Wanted 69 FJ40 soft top L brackets

    Let me know if you have these 2 brackets. Thanks! Martin
  13. Martyt

    For Sale New OEM parking brake drum

    I am selling this for my mechanic. He had ordered the wrong one for my 69. He ate the cost and I am trying to help him out. This is new OEM and we got it in Dubai. He paid $344.00 for it so will list it for that or OBO.
  14. Martyt

    69’ FJ40— was heater optional?

    i ask because I have seen 2 very stock low mileage 69’ 40s— one a concours and the other, a 28k unmolested rig— the pix above is from the latter. Both did not have rear heaters and both coincidentally have the same chrome cover where rear heater knob is supposed to be. My rig is pretty...
  15. Martyt

    Wanted OEM Soft Top Windshield Channel for my 69FST FJ40

    When the PO installed a best top on my rig, he got rid of the OEM channel. If you have one, let me know. Thanks. Martin
  16. Martyt

    Soft Top Door Stop Question

    i have a 69’ FJ40FST. Will the stops in the pix below work for my rig— they are $45 each so I want to make sure they work. Thanks in advance! Pix of my door and rig also noted below.
  17. Martyt

    Wanted Fj40 1969 soft top parts

    Am looking for the following parts. One are the two top brackets that go in rear top of tub— see red ones from an ended EBay ad. The other is the metal lift channel that goes under the plexiglass— see pix of my black one (I am missing the other piece.
  18. Martyt

    For Sale FJ40 Gas Tank-3/69-9/71

    I took this tank off my 69’. Tank has been cleaned inside, powder coated and Linex added to bottom for protection. Asking $200 mas o menos. Buyer pays shipping. San Diego (not always sunny)
  19. Martyt

    Wanted 3/69-9/69 fuel line

    Am looking for the fuel line that goes from carb to the pump. PO had put a fuel regulator on mine and I want an unmolested line. This has to be specific to my carb. I know I can make it myself but would prefer an original one. Toyota carries a line but the drawing does not look like what I...
  20. Martyt

    Wanted Coil for my 40

    Am looking for this particular coil— let me know if you have and how much. Thanks in advance.
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