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  1. K Dub

    Engine knocking after overheat

    Thread title says it all, but here are the details re-posted from a clubhouse thread. The incident happened on a long, steep incline on I-5 north of Los Angeles called "The Grapevine". It's a notorious car killer. The A/C was off and it was 65-70F outside. I was driving around 55-65 mph in 3rd...
  2. K Dub

    Wanted 1993.5-1994 ECU

    Looking for a late '93 or '94 ECU for my FZJ80. Part # 89661-60221 (must be that part ONLY, no substitutes). I'm located in Southern California, but willing to pay shipping within reason. Thank you.
  3. K Dub

    Warn XD9000i first run, bad ground

    My truck came with a winch, I've identified as an XD9000i, but no controller and the power cable disconnected. I had other priorities to handle, but this weekend I was tired of all my bumper-bling being non-functional, so I finally wired up the lights to a dash switch and fused power source, and...
  4. K Dub

    Forced to buy tires before I wanted to

    This just sucks. First off, my car came to me with Nanking MudStars on it and I haven't been impressed. They howl horribly at speed and rumble when slow. Their wear is uneven and the spare didn't match either. So I've been shopping for tires, reading reviews here and elsewhere and prepping...
  5. K Dub

    Caster Question: Relative to chassis or ground?

    This is probably a silly question to many of you. If this has been covered a million times already, I apologize. I've read through piles of lift threads here and haven't run across this yet, but I'll admit it may have slipped through the cracks or gotten lost in information overload. Maybe this...
  6. K Dub

    Planning for my first shakedown run

    I've been inspired by ERIK95LC's "Dunes" thread, and all the excellent suggestions therein, to post my own N00b thread and ask some advice. I got my 93 FZJ80 (no-lockers) about a month ago, and honestly I'm a bit embarrassed that I still haven't gotten it dirty yet. I'm new to Cruisers, but not...
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