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  1. shocktower

    Cummins 12 valve swap

    I guess it is my turn, I have a 97 with a 1st gen 6BT in my rig I use the stock A343F using a stand alone Micro squirt 3V , 4:10 stock gearing, I will be doing some 3.54 soon I did mine 2 years ago I drive it every day I did a build, not a huge write up but a thread you can get the adapter for...
  2. shocktower

    Cummins 12 valve swap

    Cummins 12 valve is diesel :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  3. shocktower

    Cutting Down a Non-Airbag Steering Wheel

    I already knew you where a harbor freight guy, I can't wait for the first time someone grabs that wheel to get in and it folds, I thing one day it is going to fold on you enjoy your 2 spoke soon broke ghetto wheel
  4. shocktower

    removing FJ80 Antenna mast

    There might be electrical tape, there might be a loop inside the cab, I would drop the glove box and look up and see, the wire is up top above everything good luck I hope mine is not short
  5. shocktower

    removing FJ80 Antenna mast

    Oh my my, you have to cut the 2-3 zip ties on the metal tube that is part of the structure for the dash, I would just do it like that dude did I am going to order a new mast tomorrow, because I did not do it correctly the first time :bang:
  6. shocktower

    Truck pulls to left

    Like said @mudgudgeon said nearly no caster your dog will hunt, you need to adress this and it will behave
  7. shocktower

    4x4Labs Summer 2019 Group Buy

    Do not cut it until you have it, that's a structural part
  8. shocktower

    I’m considering transplanting LS460 motor into 80

    It is compensation for other issues, I know it baffles me when people say why don;t do compound turbos are you going to turn the fuel pin up, I did my swap just to improve my cruiser, it is not a race car hot rod or sports car :rolleyes:
  9. shocktower

    How do you get stuck in 4WD? and other questions

    It is a 91 no VC
  10. shocktower

    How do you get stuck in 4WD? and other questions

    Warn makes Birlfs 🤭 I live close and follow their products, maybe Worn birfields :meh:
  11. shocktower

    OBD-1 1995

    All where OBDII
  12. shocktower

    I’m going to Montana

    Meh I get 400 from a tank of fuel 🤭 :rofl:
  13. shocktower

    I’m going to Montana

    Oh it's worse than that , the winters are 17 months out of the year 300' of snow and OMG the food you have to harvest it yourself no grocery stores
  14. shocktower

    Close to giving up...can't find the misfire!

    What about igniter ??
  15. shocktower

    Steering arm keeps bending (pic included)

    Oh can I chime in how about gas pipe the black stuff and have Homer at home Depot thread the ends :meh: :meh: :meh: :meh:
  16. shocktower

    Removing front passenger side brake rotor

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  17. shocktower

    New member psyched to have joined the club

    :flipoff2: Welcome now sell the other one because you'll need the extra cash to buy all of @NLXTACY zinc plated disco farkles that actually work very well
  18. shocktower

    New OEM radiator failure after 1 month

    If you bought it with Pay Pal you can contact them, and they may help you it's worth it
  19. shocktower

    Transfer case in neutral but acts like low range

    Yes in Layman terms @nukegoat screwed the pooche :bang: :bang:
  20. shocktower

    Driveline noise help

    I just put lower adjustable CA from Metal Tech I was able to get it adjustable enough to get the correct pinion angle, but now that I think about it my TC angle has changed from my swap but it may work for you too
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