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  1. KLF

    Random Picture Thread

    Wow, Florida sure has changed. I need to get back down there.
  2. KLF

    Spare Tire Chain Assembly

    It's very easy to remove the chain lift from the crossmember, 3 bolts with a 12 mm GearWrench.
  3. KLF

    Rear ARB locker C-clip help needed

    Sorry about that, the server was retired. I fixed the photos.
  4. KLF

    Random Picture Thread

    I'm very happy with my Pixel 3a XL.
  5. KLF

    Possibly stripping spark plug hole

    In the original post? No I don't see it there, I just read it again. He ran a thread chaser down and it didn't seem to help. ???
  6. KLF

    Removing Side Molding

    I used that same exact wrap on my rear quarter windows, just for an interesting experiment: The color is close but not exactly the same, the metallic pearl is different. It's easy to put on though, it goes on dry. Make sure you get one of those felt tipped squeegees and a sharp knife.
  7. KLF

    Dual battery setup questions

    As I understand it, it's nearly impossible to find 2 batteries that are absolutely identical, such that one will always be "weaker" than the other. Less voltage, less capacity. The weaker battery will always be drawing off the stronger battery when the alternator is not running to keep them...
  8. KLF

    Possibly stripping spark plug hole

    I think this is a little drastic. Plenty of stripped spark plug holes have been repaired with the head in place and worked just fine.
  9. KLF

    Random Picture Thread

    It works out in the end. Fortunately all my kids are on their own and doing well. I am enjoying the independence. Heck, here I am still out in the garage playing with the Cruiser after 11:00 pm on a Saturday night. Nobody to answer to, nobody cares. Hope the truck doesn't fall on me, it will...
  10. KLF

    Random Picture Thread

    I feel your pain. Similar circumstances here. We sign the final papers on Tuesday.
  11. KLF

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    I can barely pick up a tire/wheel to stab it onto the lug studs when rotating, I can't imagine putting one up on the roof. Sounds like a good way to get hurt.
  12. KLF

    Adding headlight washers?

    I believe if it was used at the dealership as a loaner vehicle or a demo, then it doesn't get titled until the first owner is assigned.
  13. KLF

    Photos Snapped while driving - wth?

    Well, that car is rated to tow 7700 lbs. He's probably fine.
  14. KLF

    Airbag recall came with "free" vehicle inspection, and now needs the following...

    I believe that recall and CPO maintenance is an opportunity for Lexus to do one of these "complimentary" inspections and find stuff that you are on the hook for. I would bet that many owners just figure "well you say it needs it, so sure go ahead, whatever you say" I had an IS20C that was...
  15. KLF

    Remote start??

    I have a CompuStar remote start system in my '15, it works well. No issues with the immobilizer. However, the engine does shut off when you open a door (but not the hatch, for some reason). Range is very long, I've haven't really tested it much but 1/2 mile is possible if I'm outside. I have the...
  16. KLF

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    Curious what you're gonna do about a spare tire?
  17. KLF

    Photos Snapped while driving - wth?

    Ya OK... :rolleyes: And it would have rolled right back on top of your bad ass self. It was unstable, needed a winch to keep it back on it's wheels until he could move forward enough to get the LF wheel on solid ground. Photos tend to flatten terrain, that was a pretty decent ledge.
  18. KLF

    Photos Snapped while driving - wth?

    Yup, using the winch on that Scout behind it.
  19. KLF

    Photos Snapped while driving - wth?

    Many years ago I was with a group of trucks going down the Moab Rim trail, all was going well, then this happened: That little thing was kicking butt, but I was pretty surprised how easily it flopped over when he dropped off that ledge.
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