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  1. Joseph H

    FREE 2007 OEM Bumper - Thunder Cloud Metallic

    I’m in San Antonio, Texas. I will keep this for a couple weeks and if there isn’t a taker, I will chop it up.
  2. Joseph H

    Wanted Texas - looking for a 2007 ARB Front Bumper for a 100 Series.

    Texas - looking for a 2007 ARB Front Bumper.
  3. Joseph H

    2007 Replacement Navigation Screen Advise

    I could not find anything on this particular screen posted. Does anyone have experience with this unit? Other than old and faded, there is nothing wrong with my screen but it would be nice to swap in a newer one with more pixels and better screen quality...
  4. Joseph H

    2007 AHC Swap for An OME Kit - Initial Notes

    Sharing for anyone interested in doing the OME swap. I have an 07 100 series. I had my AHC system disconnected yesterday and swapped in an ARB Old Man Emu kit. The kit included a torsion bar (303001), medium nitro-charger sport shocks (60001,60002), rear coils (6002) and coil strut spacers. I...
  5. Joseph H

    2007 OEM Shocks vs. Bilstein or others

    I wanted to gauge any knowledge on this forum. I’ve seen a few posts but was looking for the latest news. I feel like my factory shocks aren’t as responsive as they should be. Thanks in advance.
  6. Joseph H

    For Sale 2007 Landcruiser OEM Wheels

    Cabin by Joseph H posted Nov 20, 2016 at 6:11 AM Very good condition. No issues at all. Local Pick-up only or meet near San Antonio, Texas. Thanks.
  7. Joseph H

    Wanted 2007 Landcruiser Sliders for AHC

    I’m looking here before buying new. Thanks!
  8. Joseph H

    Wanted Sliders for 2007 Toyota Landcruiser AHC

    Before I buy a new set online, I thought I'd test the waters on this forum. Message me if you have any good ones for sale! Thanks.
  9. Joseph H

    Custom Handmade Stealth Enclosure Option - Two 6 Inch Subs

    I wanted to share this custom stealth enclosure install with the group. Design and install were done by Joe Perez in San Antonio. I have to give him all the credit because the results were perfection! The sealed enclosure is .3 cu. ft. internal volume and made from wood & fiberglass. The...
  10. Joseph H

    New Landcruiser Owner Check-In

    My wife and I just purchased a, in new-like condition, 2007 Toyota Landcruiser with 120k miles with every bell and whistle in options. We've been married for 23 years and have always wanted one. Well the timing finally seemed right, so we pulled the trigger on one that came up locally. Yes...
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