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  1. Cruiser_Nerd

    What will be the last year of the land cruiser?

    1960. In the US.
  2. Cruiser_Nerd

    Winch Restoration

    Many folks run a larger pin or bolt. Just be aware what you're really risking by doing so. I'd start small and work up if you need it. If the housing were mine I'd put some JB in the cracks and try to resize it and close the cracks. Welding it and turning the inside is a good option too but may...
  3. Cruiser_Nerd

    Winch Restoration

    Not being critical, but be aware: Your current yoke, shaft and pin has been modified, the older shear pins are 4mm. 5/16" (.313") is smaller than 8mm (.315") and will fit loosely in a hole for an 8mm. The caliper picture seems to indicate between .324" and .325" diameter for your pin? A loose...
  4. Cruiser_Nerd

    Winch Restoration

    I wouldn't bother removing that bushing unless you are convinced it's worn way out of spec. It looks like you are deep enough to decide what you want to do with the crack. The wire rope had jumped the drum and pinched the seal area. It appears the crack is in the area of the step in the inner...
  5. Cruiser_Nerd

    Recognize This BJ?

    [/URL] Wait, that grille badge looks familiar.
  6. Cruiser_Nerd

    1961 fj25 soft top

    Nice, more info required, is this one on the list already? Bestop Install:
  7. Cruiser_Nerd

    Todays wrenching

    Love the lift.....that's what I need for cleaning the bottom of the trucks.
  8. Cruiser_Nerd

    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    Thought I might make some progress on some other things with less distraction .....also wanted a new tractor.:rolleyes: Now if only someone would be interested in these 25's........ Only regret having sold and not bought back the other 25 from Rob in Australia, he also gave me first refusal.......
  9. Cruiser_Nerd

    '62 FJ40 in the Netherlands

    Curious on the fuel line spec? The Tygon I've used has a smaller outside diameter than original and is a challenge to get the collet to work.
  10. Cruiser_Nerd

    Land Cruiser Parts Catalogs

    Dan, Depending on how you acquired it and whether you intend on ultimately keeping it, you will want to do your absolute best to preserve the condition (do not bend the binding). The value to an automotive literature collector is completely out of line with the value to us "enthusiasts"...
  11. Cruiser_Nerd

    FJ25 Chat Thread

    Talk about eyes went right to the '56 Rambler station wagon, miracle that thing was still drivable at 10+ years old. And what's with all the VW's, was that typical of that area?
  12. Cruiser_Nerd

    Early Soft Top Door Skinning

    Looking good. I don't think I ever put bumpers in........probably still running a nylon tie in that hole. After all the canvak I put on mine and nine years of dirt my doors look an oily shop rag (patina).
  13. Cruiser_Nerd

    For Sale '59 FJ25 FST For Sale **178 PHOTOS ADDED

    Forgot about that, think I sent Al some obscure 25 brake hardware from the bin.
  14. Cruiser_Nerd

    For Sale '59 FJ25 FST For Sale **178 PHOTOS ADDED

    Impressive Sean. One of the most complete 25's around. I was tempted to post about the shocks mounted on the truck ......... until I got to pic 175 or so. :hillbilly:
  15. Cruiser_Nerd

    59 Florida Native Seminole Red Build

    The hole would be mounted over the inspection plate on the drum so you could check brake linings w/o removing wheel.
  16. Cruiser_Nerd

    For Sale '59 FJ25 FST For Sale **178 PHOTOS ADDED

    On the reply toolbar click the chain link symbol next to the picture symbol. Copy and paste the full URL address of your picture page. Add the text you want the link to appear as "59 FST Pics". Click on insert. Or just copy and paste the address as text, probably work just the same.
  17. Cruiser_Nerd

    Early FJ40 transmission and transfer case worh?

    I'll change the title for you, just be advised possibly more of a limited pool of interested folks being an early 40.
  18. Cruiser_Nerd

    waterpump repair kit?

    One more while I'm in the posting mood. Just because you can get a kit doesn't mean you're home free. This impeller has damage to the the leading and trailing edge and the damage in the notch for the seal tab would prevent the spring from doing it's job.
  19. Cruiser_Nerd

    waterpump repair kit?

    Time to build up inventory now before mine launches through the radiator..
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