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  1. Mickle The Pickle

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Had a lot of rain recently and I noticed a sloshing sound of water everytime I accelerated from stop and stopped from slow speeds. Checked on this forum and found out I had water in the rocker. Used a ziptie to push through the slits to drain. Also, removed the cover off the steering column to...
  2. Mickle The Pickle

    sloshing sound

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We've received a lot of rain lately and yesterday I noticed a sloshing sound behind the drivers seat. I did a search here and found all the info I needed to drain the slit in the rocker. I also figured out the squeaking steering wheel when I turned left wasn't...
  3. Mickle The Pickle

    Part Number For Hose?

    Thanks for the part number for the hose. I failed smog while on business in Fresno, CA. They said the hose was cracked at the nipple and needed to be replaced. I called all the local dealerships as well as the auto parts stores in the area. It was a special order. Will have to get the smog...
  4. Mickle The Pickle

    Steering Wheel : New leather vendor or a GOOD Amazon kit?

    Ordered this on Amazon this summer and stitched it up in about an hour. Superior 58-0600T Superskin Steering Wheel Cover, Genuine Leather, Size "B", Tan. Cost was about $19. I think it looks great and feels a hell of a lot better than having parts of the wheel sticking to your palms every time.
  5. Mickle The Pickle

    Any thoughts on starter issue, new one on the way, so confused

    I just changed the plunger and contacts last month and it took about 3 hours (including trip to hardware store and auto part store). There is also a great YouTube video for Denso Starter replacment kits. Good luck!
  6. Mickle The Pickle

    How do I remove the starter?

    I am the most mechanically inept person I know, but I managed to remove the starter and replace the contacts and plunger with the help of MUD. Thanks to everyone that provides advice and insite here. Maybe there's still hope for me after all....
  7. Mickle The Pickle

    Rear window defogger- can this be ordered?

    Thanks! Found the tab that I've been looking for!
  8. Mickle The Pickle

    Rear window defogger- can this be ordered?

    Thanks, everyone. The guy at the dealership said to check out SafeLite or other glass repair shops. Will post prices if they can replace.
  9. Mickle The Pickle

    Rear window defogger- can this be ordered?

    Does anyone know the part number? I went to the dealer today and they said I had to buy a whole new window.
  10. Mickle The Pickle

    Registry 80 Series Registry

    Just joined today. What a great site for information! 1997 FZJ 80 Mickle The Pickle Rosie (named after the AC DC song) 211,000 2.5" OME Medium Duty. Everything else stock (so far) Bought in 1999 for my wife when she was on the mini tour and trying to get her LPGA card. At 150k, it became my...
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