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  1. Dork

    Jerry can suggestions, to be carried inside

    At one of the shops we do work at, there was an employee stealing gas from the yard tractors and putting it in Jerry cans inside his vehicle. One day at lunch he went outside to have a smoke and promptly turned his vehicle into a smoldering wreck and hospitalized himself. I've also seen...
  2. Dork

    Big Synthetic or Down Sleeping Bag

    I'll 3rd the suggestion for the North Face Dolomite. We ended up getting 2 youth and 2 adult of them at the beginning of last season. 12 nights spent in them so far, no complaints.
  3. Dork

    If you were to start over....what Gear is essential

    Credit Card. Buy what you need as you need it.
  4. Dork

    Must have gear 2018 edition.

    I haven't lived apparently, but am totally looking forward to trying it this year. Our family's s'more jazzer-upper involves using dark mint chocolate.
  5. Dork

    Minimalist vehicle-borne camping

    You, sir, win this thread.
  6. Dork

    Lets see what your Winter Kit looks like...

    Spare set of clothes for the kids, extra set of gloves/touque for each of us and a couple blankets all tossed in a small duffel bag. One bag in each vehicle. Its 2018: even this is considered overkill among most people up here in Canada.
  7. Dork

    Favorite camp luxury

  8. Dork

    Campgrounds registry

    I only recommend camp sites that i don't like. If i ever find somewhere good, the last thing i want is everyone else going there. :D
  9. Dork

    Which side to put an awning?

    I would say the right hand side (saying drivers/ passengers side is kinda goofy when so many on here drive on a different side). My rationale is this: First, not as important for me, here in North America we drive on the right hand side of the road, therefore using it while pulled over on the...
  10. Dork

    Must have gear 2018 edition.

    I was asking for a couple of nice North Face sleeping bags for me and the wife that match the ones we got for the kids that have been awesome. They are coming thanks to the father in law. He's not big on surprises. The wife is much less excited about it than i am.
  11. Dork

    Lets see your rigs packed for a trip

    Lightly loaded for a biking trip in the woods. Tent, sleeping bag, bedroll, clothes, bike gear, tools, bike, water and a small cooler on the passenger side floor (to reach while driving). Looking at this thread, i think a few of you might be overestimating the amount of stuff you...
  12. Dork

    Your favorite Walmart purchases

    Those really sugary, completely-awful-for-you, not nearly-enough-filling-in-them, but still dirt-cheap-for-so-many apple turnovers.
  13. Dork

    Let's talk about axes

    I have the Fiskars x15 you posted, as well as the matching hatchet in the next post. Compared to the Estwing axe and generic Cambodian Tire hatchet i used before, they are incredible and worth every penny.
  14. Dork

    Joined mattress pads?

    Cabelas up here in Canada sells a double wide self inflating mattress that is held together by Velcro. I'm currently too lazy to look it up to find a part number :confused: I love the self inflating pads. I find that ANY air mattress sucks because they aren't firm enough, so the heaviest...
  15. Dork

    Got Baby Wipes?

    We're on year 4 of changing diapers, and for the most part we just buy whatever brand is in the "large box that happens to be on sale" at the time. They all seem to work the same, it's a slightly moist piece of cloth.
  16. Dork

    Who uses a stand-alone tent?

    We use a little bit of everything, depending on situation Small "two" person tent if I'm alone. Decent little "four" person with vestibule me n the missus used for years. Bigger "six" person dome and vestibule monster tent now thanks to the kids. Free access to a tent trailer when we feel like...
  17. Dork

    Stove or grill?

    That's unfortunate about your restrictions of over the fire cooking. I bring a stove for breakfasts and coffee n stuff, but also have a bbq rack that i put on open fires for suppers and other meals. Best of both worlds. I would prefer a grill, but they take up too much space.
  18. Dork

    Privacy Curtains

    Why not get some of those little rubber suction cup dealies from a hardware store or whatnot, have your wife sew them into the corners of each window covering. Stick 'em to the inside of the windows when needed? Pretty easy to undo if unwanted.
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