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  1. jdayment

    My little doggie Rudy 12/20/2001 -8/8/2019

    Sorry for your loss out pups are the most important things in our lives.
  2. jdayment

    For Sale Orangboxx Fab Molle Panels 80 Series

    Going to go with drawers so just doesn't fit with my schema I will probably pick up a set for the 100 though. AZ is great work has taken up to much of my time but hope to take some time over the inter ti explore. We miss WNC.
  3. jdayment

    For Sale Orangboxx Fab Molle Panels 80 Series

    Bump $150 obo
  4. jdayment

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    Orangeboxx Fab MOLLE Panels for 80 series I have them up on the main classifieds as well. $150 obo for local sale.
  5. jdayment

    For Sale  Orangboxx Fab Molle Panels 80 Series

    Selling the set for $175 shipped obo
  6. jdayment

    SOLD AZ: 80 Series ARB Bull Bar -Sold

    If you arrange it I can put it on a pallet and drop it off at your shipping company of choice
  7. jdayment

    SOLD  AZ: 80 Series ARB Bull Bar -Sold

    Going a different direction on my front end so selling my ARB. It is the Non-Winch version however I had it cut out to take a winch and use a winch plate between the rails. Selling for $400 obo no rust one wing is slightly bent but you cannot really tell. I will get some pictures up shortly.
  8. jdayment

    Parting Out Part Out. 1991 Landcruiser FJ80 3FE

    Engine wiring harness?
  9. jdayment

    3FE No Start

    So I found some more corrosion further down in the wiring harness after pulling sensors and ohming the tps wasn't able to identify a figure until I started moving the harness and had the neighbor watch the CEL I'll pull the whole harness and tear it apart to show the Carnage lots of corrosion...
  10. jdayment

    What is it this time???

    When you turn the key to the on position do you get a CEL?
  11. jdayment

    3FE No Start

    Thank you for the guidance it won't be until the weekend I get to it but this helps me a ton! I will update the thread once I have some more data.
  12. jdayment

    3FE No Start

    So I replaced one of my cats a couple of weeks ago and went to start the rig no luck and no CEL. I went through normal things EFI relay and fuse swapped out the fusible link for good measure still no luck. Thought I would just try and move around the wiring harness and low and behold jiggled it...
  13. jdayment

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Been going down a rabbit whole of wiring issues. Started these today.
  14. jdayment

    Any ARB dealers?

    I had a similar situation with an IPF light switch they sent me a 35 dollar switch for free even though I purchased the light over 5 years ago
  15. jdayment

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    If it's still available I'll take it
  16. jdayment

    summit racing: TJM Clearance

    Surprised to see they still have stuff this has been going on for awhile I got my TJM winch and TJM recovery kit for over half off from them almost 2 years ago.
  17. jdayment

    The Beer Thread

    Local AZ Brewery one of the best we have found so far since being down here. Barleywine and the sophomoric IPA were amazing.
  18. jdayment

    LX470 Android Head Unit Install Question

    Correct I bypassed my amp entirely and removed it from the vehicle I am running everything off of my head unit I am not an audiophile so it does what it needs to for my use.
  19. jdayment

    LX470 Android Head Unit Install Question

    I spliced everything and didn't use a harness.
  20. jdayment

    You've been spotted

    Spotted on Broadway in AJ on Wednesday night
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