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    Possible bolt in 140-145a alternator

    Adding a larger wire while your in there is easy insurance. Much easier to do it while the alternator is out than the side of the road because that new gadget or lights drew enough to melt the wire. My Jag alternator works well to charge my dual batteries even with a good amount of added...
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    slightly pulls to right after new tires replaced

    Old thread but relevant. I got new tires and had a pull to the right. Steering wheel was off center before the tires from a large pothole so I wasn't sure if it was the new tires or something else. Lots of reading here about testing the simple things so I looked and measured lots of...
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    AC won't take freon

    It's Alive! I guess I did just get spooked by the high number with the low pressure knob open and how slow it was taking a charge. Last night I pulled a vacuum again, then dumped a can into the high side (engine off). That went in much better than I expected. Then started it up and the...
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    AC won't take freon

    I'm used to it taking a while to fill but I might have gotten a little spooked. I shook the can but didn't turn it upside down (scared of putting in liquid). It took 20+ minutes for about a 1/4 can where the bottom of the can frosted up. After that the can warmed up and didn't seem to take...
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    AC won't take freon

    The new Denso compressor was pre-oiled. I poured it out to check the volume and put it back where it came from. Seemed OK. I pulled a vacuum for 1/2 hour+. The Harbor Freight gauges aren't very accurate but it held the same 25+ it read while hooked up for another 1/2 hour. I had not heard...
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    AC won't take freon

    So my used compressor locked up. I installed a new Denso compressor, Denso receiver dryer, new (non oem) expansion valve. I get everything buttoned up, pull a vacuum and it looks good to go. Hook the can up to the gauges, start it up with the AC on high and it didn't go as planned. The...
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    Possible bolt in 140-145a alternator

    Any updates? Anyone else tried this? My alternator is acting up and if it's just a little grinding I'm thinking about going this way. Anyone know who actually makes the alternator? Putting Jaguar electrical parts on my Toyota just sounds wrong.
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    Will 100 series digital weathertech fit 80 series

    Bad news for the 80 series but now we know for sure. We'll just have to see if Weathertech makes some that are custom fit or look more into the Sand Grabba mats. Thanks for taking the time to check this out, this is what makes this forum great. :beer:
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    RTH-Cant find the leak after AC re-charge w/dye

    I had a frustrating slow leak like lots of people. Just order the o-ring kit and schrader valves from Rex @ Coolstream. Spend an afternoon changing out all of them. Charge it up and enjoy the cool air. :beer:
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    Can someone tell me what this is?

    Not CB or Ham. (I've got both in mine) The connector is smaller than those. I had the same wire. It runs to that small antenna on the roof near the rear. My best guess is an analog old cell phone, maybe dealer installed. I had the wire but no phone. Good place to run a CB or Ham...
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    Group Buy -- OEM 80 Series Hand Throttle

    I'm all the way up at 99 but someone can have my spot. Even though I'm out, great job putting this together. Thanks, Sean
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    Radius Arm Flip

    Now that's a good point. I'll admit I missed something. I'm more used to one bushing on the frame and one on the axle. Long arms on a Jeep do what I was trying to describe. Like you point out the two bushings do fix the axle to the arm. Same arc. I do still need to sketch this out...
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    Radius Arm Flip

    Interesting thread. Nice work Tim. Good explinantions W.E. but I think your missing one thing, don't forget he moved the mounts relative to the axle. The arm "changed shape" when flipped but like you pointed out that doesn't matter, what matters is the mounts moved when he cut and welded the...
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    Group Buy -- OEM 80 Series Hand Throttle

    Count me in for 1 too if this works out. I hope they've got a big suitcase.
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    What causes the BRAKE light to come on?

    I'll add that sensor to my list to check if my light comes on but... If the brake fluid is low then check your pads. If things work just right as the pads wear out the fluid moves into the lines and the light comes on.
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    what is the purpose of the #3 water bypass hose...

    Yea, I'd have to agree that it vents highest point back to the radiator to let air out while filling. It also provides a nice little plastic nipple to break off and ruin the radiator while your changing the belts. :mad:
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    what are these for?

    Best I can tell they're for looks. ...unless it's an arctic truck near one of the poles. I remember seeing them on a television special and they can be used to prevent the truck from falling into a crevasse.
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    Alternator Belt Tensioner

    Yea, looks odd riding that way. It will fit on the other way but it takes about an hour and a broken radiator to get it there. I was replacing mine with the non-cogged Toyota belts and wondered why they were so short. 2 Toyota belts on the outside = much better. In my defense I've...
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    OEM Horn question

    I hated the factory horns. Headed to the self-serve junkyard and found some horns off a big ford truck. (actually grabbed F-250 and GMC 2500 to play with) Same single wire and a ground bolt. Almost went with a set from the parts store but preferred a factory set for 1/4 the price...
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    Ground for CB Install

    Good point, if there's a way for a small ground wire to stay connected it's a problem, you'll feed through all kinds of things you don't want to. I do think it's pretty rare and a bad practice to make multiple small connections to separate battery posts. So I agree with pfspilot and still...
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