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  1. FJ8097IDAHO

    For Sale  OEM ALTERNATOR 1993-1997, 27060-66070-84, 80amp.

    I ordered an OEM Alternator from Toyota in the fall of 2020. I ended up upgrading my Alternator and didn't need it for my FJ80 build. I am looking to sell the OEM one and am based in Idaho. Below is an image of the invoice; it's new and not refurbished. $200 seems like a good deal and includes...
  2. FJ8097IDAHO


    Does anyone have a comprehensive list of all the bulbs that are needed to swap to LED. I am looking for the size and quantity of each. Thank you
  3. FJ8097IDAHO

    Seat Belt Locked Closed

    I have an fj60 1985 and the driver seat belt is locked closed and I can't open it. So I just have to keep it latched. Does anyone know a way to fix this? Or do I just need to replace it.
  4. FJ8097IDAHO


    Do you suggest a code reader or do I need to take it in?
  5. FJ8097IDAHO


    No Matt below. It was very odd. I just checked it again and it wasn't the ABS but the engine light.
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    My fj100 2000 has been sitting out for 5 days in the VERY cold and I started it up and let it run for about 15 minutes. Once I started to drive the ENGINE LIGHT, VSC TRAC & VSC OFF lights were on and the engine had very little power. When you floor it the engine doesn't rev and it only goes...
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    Do you know what the part is called? And is the link I added what I am looking for?
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    Hi, I have an FJ100 2000 and I am upgrading the headlights to ones that fit the FJ100 2005. I need to find the in Headlight Bracket Trim Strips that goes below the headlight. Does anyone know what this is called? It's the strip that makes the light smaller. I found this but don't know if I need...
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    I have the Viper 4105V Remote Car Starter 1-Way Two 4-Button Remotes Keyless New 2017 Model & Directed DB3 XPressKit DEI Databus All Combo Bypass/Door Lock Interface Bundle Package. I can get the motor to start the ignition but won't completely turn over. Does anyone know if there is a module...
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    Hi, I am missing these two clips that go on the rear split sliding windows. Does anyone know what they are called and how I can get them?
  11. FJ8097IDAHO

    Fj80 with slee rear bumper new muffler

    I want to upgrade the muffler and have it exit behind the rear tire. I searched but cant find an existing thread. What has been done that works well?
  12. FJ8097IDAHO

    Read Header Rattle

    I have basically owned this FJ80 since 97 so don’t think I will have a low jack :)
  13. FJ8097IDAHO

    Read Header Rattle

    Will do but what is up there that would rattle?
  14. FJ8097IDAHO

    Read Header Rattle

    I have a rear header rattle when I am in idol or when on a bumpy road. I thought it was in the rear door panel but it seems to be in the header liner. Does anyone know what this is? It’s coming from behind the second row seat.
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