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    No brakes on the freeway.

    I'm a couple weeks out from a long trip so I decided to take my '85 60 series to a Cruiser mechanic and have him look it over. I'm new; I can replace things when I know they're bad. But if I don't know... So he looks it over and says all he can find is a leaking rear wheel cylinder. He...
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    Primer pump and other fuel oddities.

    Thanks, Estancio. Maybe the viscosity of the veg oil required a booster pump and the extra filter. I'd rather restore it to the original routing, and remove the extra pump and filter–simplicity, right? (I do have a sedimenter.)
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    Primer pump and other fuel oddities.

    New cruiser owner and new to mechanics, but a diligent studier. (Don't assume I know anything, but I'm ready to learn.) New to mud but have found it a valuable resource; so thanks, all, for your expertise. Meet Peanut: The backstory: I'm the third owner of this '85 FJ60 which got an '88 3B...
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