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  1. prado t

    Which winch should I buy?

    I have 3 Warn winches late 70s 8274 24v W.M.S motor it does 10,000lb single line pulls up 45 deg hills with out a peep 8274 - 50 24v in the box still 2007 M8000 24v many hours on it but gets warm quickly Although I am a Warn guy, for the price of the VR I think...
  2. prado t

    My new (to me) Warn m12000, where do I start?

    Wholly that is a keyed shaft on the motor, definately a very old M series See the dirty wear when POs dont use the right greese
  3. prado t

    My new (to me) Warn m12000, where do I start?

    That is the wrong greese. You need a good Lithium in there. 400hr inspection /refit all single line pulls
  4. prado t

    Best portable air compressor under $200?

    I use a 24V ARB compressor for my lockers with the Inflator kit for well over 5 plus years. It gets used on average once a month for re-inflating my 315 75 R16 Cooper STTs from 12 psi to road travelling presure of 40 psi. Its not portable , but excellent kit! Anything that the others...
  5. prado t

    finished the homemade lift mate!

    That scares me !
  6. prado t

    Warn 8274 vs. M8000: Bang for the Buck?

    I have both , but they are 24V . I have a M8000 that has several hundred hours on it . I have an older 8274 that has been upgraded and works well As posted above the M8000 is great value and probably all you need. Whatever winch you get ; it is always agood Idea to get a...
  7. prado t

    Extended Extended Winching: Hunting Related

    Right On ! I will call soon John
  8. prado t

    Brand new 8274-50 Leaking?

    That is Exellent Andy. You stand behind the product. Thanks!
  9. prado t

    Extended Extended Winching: Hunting Related

    I got to come over and get a clutch for the 74 JOHN and maybe be invited for dinner. Very Nice Work! Sorry to hear about the 8274-50
  10. prado t

    Brand new 8274-50 Leaking?

    What? In the above picture I can see oil on the Box. It shouldnt be gear oil . It should be 30 weight NON DETERGENT
  11. prado t

    Project penetration oil -

    Nice work !
  12. prado t

    8274-50 rust

    That is very sad. I would talk to Warn about that. On the top picture (The clutch engagement T handle ) Should have lots of Greese from the factory. I understand that it was out in the weather. Even if there was no silicone there it should have taken many years to do...
  13. prado t

    Another 9.5XP vs M8274 - Your Thoughts

    Holy Cow ! $6000.00
  14. prado t

    Another 9.5XP vs M8274 - Your Thoughts

    If the price is right, the Toyota "UPRIGHT" winch is the next best compared to the 8274 , Reason is the Toyota upright are expensive to buy, and expensive to repair and quite rare in North America
  15. prado t

    Another 9.5XP vs M8274 - Your Thoughts

    For the ROCKY the 9.5 is acceptable. I have seen people fry 8274s and I have heard of people frying low pros. The 9.5 should drop right in there and you are ready for Borneo. The 8274 is pretty heavy, that is my concern.
  16. prado t

    Looking for winch advice for a winch-noob in Sante Fe NM

    The 8274 fits right in an ARB bumper. That is a pretty clean 8274.
  17. prado t

    12v key 8274 into a 24v spur gear

    Just an update. I just got back from a 2week expo to the Chilcotin. and another 2 week tripThompson , kootenays and east Kootenays So In a little over a month I put about 33hrs on the Western Motor Service 6Hp motor. Yes 33hrs! The 6hp WMS motor performed well . Very well, whether I...
  18. prado t

    Warn VR winches?

    It would be nice to get more reviews about the Warn VR winch. My apologies to the Mud members for my behavior in some previous posts.
  19. prado t

    Warn VR winches?

    chop shop If it means that much to you , then OK go for it.
  20. prado t

    Warn VR winches?

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