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  1. prado t

    Land Cruiser 70 series movie...

    thanks for posting. I love my BJ 74
  2. prado t

    1988 bj 74

    Hi! Nice BJ 74! First time I have been on mud in over 2 years.......using a friends computer,homeless and no smart phone. I got sick (i was always a little sick he he lol). I had to get the operation like 7 months before I noticed something was wrong so I had to pay at a private clinic...
  3. prado t

    thoughts or opinons on this BJ74...

    I took the bait LOL !
  4. prado t

    thoughts or opinons on this BJ74...

    ! A standard BJ 74 is not a nice vehicle to drive off road ! W>T>F R U saying! Some of us have come up with a cure for the sensitive throttle issue. Its called a screen door spring, since I am arrogant , I will call it an "Aaron" spring!
  5. prado t

    Oil in fuel filter

    Sure that is a major issue! Bring it to my place! You are not looking after your machine! What kind of oil? Was it put in the fuel tank , or are you actually looking at the oil filter.. This is a technical website , if you want decent answers, You have to ask the proper questions...
  6. prado t

    front door inserts

    I would like both , flares and door inserts if the price is right ! (Im not that cheap) Dead Serious !
  7. prado t

    front door inserts

    Door inserts ! I would like ! Fiberglass would be nice! Those and some good fender flares so I keep the mud balls from nailing me and the dash screen.
  8. prado t

    1993 PZJ 70 air con 23,500km since new

    Nice find ! It comes with the Aisan 1000 winch !
  9. prado t

    Parabolic vs. Multi-Leaf Packs?

    Hmmmm! See I always relied on getting my info from the local cruiser shops on the "coast" here . When I enquired about a set of Beltons it was mentioned that they were no longer. My Bad!
  10. prado t

    Ironman Deluxe Bar installed on a BJ70

    Up here we have these bushes/trees called "alder". In a matter of a couple of years they tend to overgrow the trails. Someplaces if you like to go "wheeling" a bush bar is a must. Nice Ironman bar Koffer!
  11. prado t

    Parabolic vs. Multi-Leaf Packs?

    Belton is not around anymore I do like my OME EMUs considering I went from Keep Slant. I keep my MWB slightly over gross weight with all my gear.
  12. prado t

    thoughts or opinons on this BJ74...

    That machine is waaaaaaaaay overpriced! Even though I am a suffering automatic lover! You were considering spending over 20 grand on a 1986 vehicle? You have to ask yourself , Am I gonna keep this vehicle for a very long time or are you gonna turn around and sell it when your wife says...
  13. prado t

    BJ74 New Owner and Review

    Nice unit !
  14. prado t

    Diff locks

    What ? So tell us the years to stay away from?
  15. prado t

    Builds JJY93's 1988 Bj74 Build.

    Did I see coils on the rear? Nice middy mate!
  16. prado t

    88 BJ74 stock/ recomendations

    Congrats on getting your BJ 74.
  17. prado t

    put picture of your wheel 70 series landcruiser

    I forgot about the prado
  18. prado t

    put picture of your wheel 70 series landcruiser

    In 2009/2010 , I put these on. Type 98 Pro-Comp 16x8 and Cooper STTs 315 75 R16. These tires work very well! I didnt screw around ! ARP studs all the way around!
  19. prado t

    put picture of your wheel 70 series landcruiser

    The BJ 74 circa 2006/2007 with the 4x4 Engineering rims 285 75 R16
  20. prado t

    ARB equipped 79 at dealer

    That is SAD !
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