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    Best lightweight low cut style work boot

    timberlan titanium.
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    An FJ25 gets some new ammenities

    Thats a mighty fine rig you got their. How is that GMC:hillbilly::steer::clap: in the window treating you? Stew
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    Building Hydraulic Things

    You can easily make lots of tools for a standard H-frame press. Benders for sheet or brackets, punches, dimple dies etc. The machinist here at work makes all his own dies for prototypeing here at work etc. He has made some pretty cool stuff. Here is a simple way to start- Get a V block...
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    Fencing Ideas?

    I too need to fence in my yard- going to do the cheap 3x5 landscape timbers from HD/Lowes with 2inx4in squares x 4ft tall. Maybe one board across the top to keep the fence from sagging...though i am likeing the looks of Rhino's fence- What is no climb horse fence? ok i went and googled it...
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    6.2L GM Diesel- coolant missing but not leaking?

    So coolant is missing from the radiator pretty consistantly...and i am fairly ceritan that is no leak... so most likely a Head gasket and its going out the tail pipe? My oil is NOT milky and my coolant is not milky either??? fawk i hate when stuff doesn't work. Stew
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    wallingford CT, spencer?

    Hey I remember him doing that! Wasn't their something about a gas tank filler neck and a wet rag so things wouldn't go BOOM:lol::lol: Oh and i am in Cromwell and currrently Toyota Less...except for some FJ40 hubcaps:-) ..though fox is trying to get me to buy a project it just an't gonna...
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    Craiglist affliation

    Hey! I have been driving past that thing for a few weeks now every morning! Stew
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    What do you DO?

    Test Engineer for a car rack manufacture. I break products so you can carrier your recreational equipment safely and securely on vacation:-) Stew
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    soooo bumbed out...

    Man o man looking at those pictures and all REALLY makes me want to go wheeling.....
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    Lowering Heating Costs In winter

    Nope don't have double hung windows with weights but that is a great idea that i have never heard of before. Plan is to put that plastic stuff over almost all the windows (maybe leave 1 or two for nice days without it) Stew.
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    Lowering Heating Costs In winter

    Thanks for the tips on attic/ceiling boxes and curtains. House has great "Patina" but needs lots of work. I think the only thing i don't like about the house is the high heating costs. Stew
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    Lowering Heating Costs In winter

    Looking for advice on helping to lower my heating costs in winter. House was built in 1806, origonal windows, doors, siding etc. Their is insulation in the attic but that is it. I do not want to change the house to much IE i am not replacing windows, doors, siding etc at this time. Things I...
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    clutch disk; little wilson; dash pad; window regulators; PS hose; all for sale

    Following parts are all for sale: Shipping is not included in any parts, buyer pays actual shipping from 06416 Dash pad, OK shape some scuffs and scrapes, couple cracks but deffinitly good for a trail rig- 20.00 Old style door (pre 74) window regulators both work and...
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    DIY Tiling: Opinions Please

    blade can also make a diffrence... My FIL has a cheapy tile saw the he cut 5/8s marble with but he has a 70.00 dollar blade on it. Worked good when i borrowed it to fix my bathroom tiles:-) Stew
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    OEM FJ40 Hand Throttle and mounting bracket

    Sale Pending
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    OEM FJ40 Hand Throttle and mounting bracket

    OEM Hand throttle for FJ40. Not sure on the year but most likely will be able to fit all years with some ingenuity. Will get picture later tonight. 25.00 plus the ride from 06483 email me at don't check the board that often anymore Stew
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    chainsaw troubleshooting

    So D'animal are you saying husky is no good or??? I am currently contemplating purchase of a saw(most like a husky (not sure on model yet though) don't want a monster saw but i want a saw that can do it all. cut trees down, limb em, and slice em up for firewood with no problems...i am thinking...
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    Hearing Protection

    Came across this on chainsaw site. Thought some others would like some free hearing protection. Click on "special kit offer" Stew
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    FREE Parts

    Lane, Sounds like a plan to me! Glad you will be able to use and abuse them. Stew
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    FREE Parts

    Maybe some of my pieces will help...:bounce::bounce2::grinpimp::idea: Stew
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