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    Wanted LA- trans tunnel cover ‘76

    There are a few things in life that are monumental. Having the first grandson is one of them! Now you can tell them they are doing it all wrong!
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    Wanted LA- trans tunnel cover ‘76

    so sad! When you down again and what would like for it?
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    Wanted  LA- trans tunnel cover ‘76

    Looking to cover this area. I’m outside of Los Angeles.
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    Wanted Front right bumper extension

    Only if you post some pics of your Unimog!
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    Wanted pedal bucket

    Thanks man. I think that I might have sourced one out.
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    Wanted pedal bucket

    I'm game. would you include the pedals?
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    Wanted  pedal bucket

    As the title suggests, I am looking for the break/clutch pedal bucket. Had on lined up a while ago and now have lost his number. Sadness
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    Parting Out 76 pig $1-$1000,000

    Scrappdadday. Ck out the abqcruiser's remedey for wipers.
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    For Sale Chino Hills, CA. 1972 FJ55 green 350, cage, built, 37s, (not mine)

    That is one hell of a billy goat!
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    Parting Out 76 pig $1-$1000,000

    I guess if I do end up with whole thing I’m not crying. :)
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    Parting Out 76 pig $1-$1000,000

    Fyi Don’t need the vents themselves just the arms/ pulls that move the door.
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    Parting Out 76 pig $1-$1000,000

    Ima patient guy.
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    Parting Out 76 pig $1-$1000,000

    These are the guys I’m looking for. Minus the leaf.
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    Parting Out 76 pig $1-$1000,000

    Yes. My little arms have broken. They broke at the vent itself. The little things we pull to allow fresh air in.
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    Parting Out 76 pig $1-$1000,000

    Would love to get the under dash vent pull assemblies!
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    For Sale New Mexico (fj 55)

    Dig those tires!
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    For Sale 1972 FJ55 on CL (not mine)

    If you really don’t wanna sell it, but would- $60K is about right. I’ve got one that isn’t done yet but, would for $60k.
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    For Sale NC, pedal assembly

    I think I could use that. Might you have the steering bucket as well?
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    For Sale door hinges for all 4

    Yes please in the full set. Have you heard of anyone using and alternative hinge?
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    For Sale  door hinges for all 4

    I have a 1975 and the doors have slack in them. Was hoping to get a set that I could refurbish to remove the aft end sag. Any body out there have a set they could spare?
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